Adding More interaction with NPC through bribery Idea

High/Low = The dominant faction (Caldari, Amarr, Gal, Min or maybe Concord)
Null = The dominant NPC Faction (Serp, Blood, Guristas, Sansha, Angel, Drones)

The player gains the ability to bribe these factions for powerful bonus’s, the more standings they have with these factions the cheaper it’ll be for them. These also by nature will benefit Faction warfare for home ground advantage as they will naturally have higher standings with them.

What can be acquired through bribery:

  1. Intelligence, a remote way to see ship count in another system, or to block info for other’s.
  2. The ability to increase security and make the NPC Stronger.

How can this help the player:

  1. You are able to increase the difficulty of a system or blocking some of the intelligence to concord reducing the isk earning of its citizen’s, the attrition game play style to winning a war.

  2. You are able to supply NPC’s with more fund’s allowing them to launch raiding parties at local mining group’s disrupting their operation’s.

  3. You are able to switch off local by bribing the dominant NPC faction for a few minute’s. (Expensive)

  4. 5 Tier’s of security bribery:
    4.1: Tier 1, Increased NPC Strength (Same Bounty)
    4.2 Tier 2, Increase NPC Strength (Same Bounty)
    4.3 Tier 3 increase NPC Strength (Same Bounty) + Greater NPC’s presence on belt’s and Anoms, same total isk bounty per belt but greater ship’s.
    4.4 Tier 4 increase NPC Strength (Same Bounty) +NPC’s sit on wormhole’s and all gate’s with a web/disruptor in the group.
    4.5 Tier 5 increase NPC Strength (Same Bounty) + They will send you a message when they have something tackled.

Costs: (per system)
Tier 1: 50mil / hour
Tier 2: 100mil / hour
Tier 3: 150mil / hour
Tier 4: 200mil / hour
Tier 5: 250mil / hour

These costs are adjusted -50% - +100% depending on standing’s.

Eg -9.9 standing with serpents will cost you 100mil/hour for bribing serp Tier 1 and 25mil/hour if you have + 9.9 standings.

Added Bonus:
More Isk Sink’s Securing our isk from running away with inflation.

P.s. Posted elsewhere on my alt previously, but it’s better as a separate post to concentrate idea’s instead of having other topic’s mixed in.

Probably too cheap big alliances would easily afford those cost’s to disrupt their enemies main farming systems.

Attempting to balance anything with just ISK is doomed to failure.


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