Off the bat probably useless but hey, doesn’t hurt to say stuff… unless it’s on the internet :slight_smile:

How about adding a karma meter/list to the forums? A list filled with all the good and bad things a person has done (like answered a question or verbally assaulted a user) with the meter saying what you are (good, neutral, evil).

Kind of adds credibility too, i guess. Who’s more believable, someone that has a clean karma for being helpful or someone who has bad karma for trolling and/or offenses?

Idea done, if you like it you can drop a word, if not then you can let it fall into the forums nothing.

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Well, that meter would be bias and can easily be exploited depending on who entered the info.

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And this karma bar can be filled by karma brigading, leading to a completely useless information?


Useless because can be easy exploited and because it will be huge amount of data to board database. And we want fast forum with interesting content. Not a mule that shines like a Christmas tree full of crap features.

This place is to communicate with other and to share information’s. Things like “how has most likes”, that “karma” or similar are useless in that type of forum. And what is most important. Slow down whole webpage. Now, when it is small this is not so visible but when it become like old or very old forum big servers or even clusters are needed to make it work on acceptable level.

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Yeah I agree the forum should be a place to communicate and share info, course it doesn’t hurt to mix in some silliness with that info, which is why all those likes, karma and useless animated gifs are being promoted here by the Dev’s.

Probable this depends on how much time someone spend on forum.

I come in, look for informations that I need. Sometimes get involved in some discussions and out.
But for people how spend hours on forum want make from it social portal. I can understand that but in that case we need word from CCP.

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