Additional Sources for Recent Amarr Events

Okay, since my Federation questions were almost completely answered in the lore request thread, I will try another question here.

I have gone over the ancient history Wiki timeline and a site called TikiToki which has brief entries for things that happened recently in New Eden. I am curious if there are any other places to dig into the development of Amarr relations with Gallente since the Yulai convention.

I am fleshing out the character behind this pilot and thought it would be interesting to have a Ni-Kunni grandparent for an otherwise ethnic Gallente. I’m hoping that sounds feasible, since they would not have been a slaver and the Federation allows many religions.

For Amarr history since the Yulai Convention, you can check these two articles:


Those stop at the Sansha incursions.

Also is one for the Gallente Federation, but that only goes up to YC105.

For the most recent (last 2-3 years), you can see the following:

-The Scope news videos (the Amarr ones, obv)

Most of this is Amarr specific. Amarr/Gallente interaction is not terribly common, though in general, aside from Kador’s one-day invasion of Solitude and the ongoing Empyrean War, relations between the Empire and the Federation have been pretty cordial.

Ni-kunni grandparent for an ethnic gallente is certainly fine. The Federation has sizeable Amarr and Ni-kunni minorities (both culturally/religiously-Amarr Ni-kunni and Ni-kunni communities that are attempting to revive ancient Ni-kunni customs).

I hope that helps!


You did it again, thank you very much. The last link is perfect; I wonder if it was simply a family matter of religious freedom, or if there was any shady business going on. I will have a look and think it through.