Additional Utility for Vorton weapons

Idea to introduce more tactical options without being overpowered.

Ammo type determines secondary effect.
Strength and duration depending on weapon skill.

-5% to -10% to ONE of the following:

-5% to energy neutralization
-5% to speed
-5% to targeting resolution and range
-5% to turret range and tracking
-0.5 pt warp scrambling
+5% to mass
+5% to signature radius


If you want utility, have a fleetmate employ EWAR. We don’t need “wild magic” in EVE just like we don’t need Pokémon evolution. EM smartbombs have existed since forever but you didn’t see others advocate that “the electricity messed up the enemy’s cap/speed/targeting/tracking/mass/sig/warp systems” because that would have been a combination of conceptually/pragmatically dumb and OP.


Yes you do, there are already target AoE “Wild Magic” as you claim , in game. ECM burst projectors have been around for a while. I don’t need to advocate it, CCP already implemented for super caps. This is just leveraging new mechanic for existing ewar, scaled to match the damage mechanics for arc weapons. The percentages are low just to ensure not too OP in low numbers.

ECM bursts are not comparable to wild magic. ECM mechanics are probabilistic, yes, but they are not “wild” in the sense of impacting a whole bunch of attributes completely and totally unrelated to its primary function. ECM modules are single purpose modules (ie. they don’t also inflict damage or anything else) using its own mechanic which literally has its own variables by which to sustain it (sensor strength and ECM strength) precisely so that the entire ECM experienced is controlled. Players going into battle can fit to resist ECM, and logi in fleets can help fleetmates resist ECM further through remote sensor boosting. Everything in ECM occurs strictly in terms of ECM variables and no other considerations such as damage, CAPWAR, or any other kind of nerf. It is 100% confined to ECM.

All EWAR modules are single purpose, including these beloved ECM Burst projectors. The game does not need composite damage-EWAR modules.


Reasons number 3429857624985679 to 3429857624985699: Why trigs should be removed from EVE.

you mean surely EDENCOM?

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No, I mean trigs, their pointless ships and their anti-sandbox instanced content all constitute a huge design mistake.

but the thread is about edencom? :slight_smile:

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OP wants the weapons themselves to have a small chance of turning you into a chicken, frog, or pig :chicken::frog::pig:

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