Self Evolving Ships / Unique ships

In a pilot’s career, there will arise a specific ship that he/she has the most experience in. From this immense time and effort, this one ship can acquire sentience unique to itself and its pilot.

Mechanic : a persistent , dynamic buff/debuff when piloting a specific ship

Restrictions :

  • limit of 1 self evolving ship per pilot
  • ship picks its own name
  • evolution only occur in space, not docked
  • bonuses active only when you are in this one specific ship
  • repacking/trading/destroying the ship will cause the ship sentience to begin decaying.
  • this entity will rapidly decay in above conditions, until matching replacement ship hull is found. Or it is permanently lost.
  • the entity will arise ONLY with the ship with the most flight time spent with the pilot (min 100 hrs)
  • it will require specific “food” , items to consume periodically.
  • destroying this ship guarantees 100% item drop
  • random addition of permanent effects (your ship could be permanently pink, or always carrying an interdiction phenomenon)
  • growth may be gated by specific quest/achivement chains
  • the entity may develop personality quirks as it grows, as extreme as needing to kill one player a day or benign as always carrying a chessboard in the cargo hold. Or else it refuse to work.
  • the older it gets, the more quirks it gets . There is no limit.

Benefits :

  • hourly cumulative bonuses
  • true limitless growth (your +1 m3 cargohold bonus can stack 10,000 times over 10,000 hours -one year is 8000 hours-if you play that long everyday)
  • beyond limit growth (damage that can heal your ship, etc. effects that become permanent)
  • base ship attributes grow slightly and steadily through time in space
  • specific attributes grow through count of module activation cycles (i.e. 9,000 mining module cycles lead to 1 m3 increase in ore hold, 10,000 hits on armor increases armor resist by 0.001% to that damage type, etc.,.)
  • unique bonus unlocked through significant “life events” (i.e. first officer NPC kill, epic mission arc completion, etc.,.)
  • spontaneous random role bonuses (your interceptor could become a mining prodigy, or your hauler could become superb at scanning anomalies)
  • forced growth could happen by consuming other ship hulls, with a higher chance of personality quirks/bonus deduction each time.

Premium features :

  • guided evolution : significantly increase evolution chance in one general direction
  • directed evolution : lock in evolution in one direction
  • directed devolution : reduce quirk effects

Will go absolutely crazy if not capped at some point. Probably about 4 weeks after launch of such a feature.

Also, seems odd as a mechanic and not really in line with lore, tone, or good balance.



Just no.


This is EVE, not Pokémon…


@Flashrain you have a propensity for proposing the worst possible ideas imaginable. You are a habitual, repeat offender in this regard. It’s not even that your ideas are bad, it’s that you’re trying to change EVE into Not-EVE. Your ideas belong into an entirely new game instead of trying to break the game and turn it into something it’s not and never intended to be.

I don’t want to stifle creativity but I’m just about ready to ask you to stop sharing your ideas altogether…

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So two questions here.

  1. Would logging out in space count as “time flown in space”?
  2. Would time cloaked in space also count as “time flown in space”?

Both of these could significantly impact the amount of time required for bonuses to happen and the strength of those bonuses.

I could just start with a ceptor and let it run 23/7 and see what it turns into. Good luck catching it…


Soooooo… basically like Abyssal modules… but for ships. And with upkeep mechanics.

I dislike the power creep I am seeing these days. :expressionless:

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One of us. One of us. One of us…

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  1. Good point.
  2. Also good point.

Maybe an additional requirement that the ship must be visible and vulnerable.

Also :
Pokemon is one of the most successful global franchises out there. If you don’t want to mine, don’t mine. If you don’t want to play space pokemon, don’t play space pokemon.

For the guy who wants to leave his interceptor at max speed and go afk, please do. I’ve chased down and killed a few pilots that did that. Good content generation.

It is. No one has caught me yet.

How to place your new wh base 101. Find a nom at the outside edge of the galaxy from the last planet in sys and set you course away from the sun. Do that in a ceptor that no one can catch, no matter what the claims and run it for a week while your at work. Voila, a place to set up that’s off most D-scan. They can still see it’s there, but cant tell if you undock.

But this sounds like it would give you an advantage over those who don’t use evolving ships. So it isn’t really optional. If I don’t want to mine, I can earn ISK in other ways, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any other way to get these benefits.

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