Quality of Life : Autopilot warp to 0

A gate camp is higher risk regardless of whether you’re auto piloting or not.

Some of these replies are pure elitism.

No one ever says “Let me warp to 100km and slow boat for the pure enjoyment and engage in gate camp pvp”.

Nearly all PvP is on the outbound segment, not the inbound segment. Only scouts sit in the inbound side.

Allow warp to 0 for characters less than 30 days old. Remove it for characters older than 30 days. See how many petition to keep it.

A gate camp is of minimal risk to an attentive pilot, because you don’t warp gate to gate if you are piloting attentively. Sitting at the computer and hitting jump each system change is not attentive piloting, either.

Autopilot is meant to be used when you just need to move from HS system A to HS system B while AFK in a ship that isn’t a valuable target.


“Actively play the game” is elitism? Impressive.


Nice attempt at dismissal there but you clearly don’t understand that word.

Sit for just a moment and consider this statement. Did you play before WTZ? Also do you know the differences between gatecamps in empire and null? You know bubbles can pull you off that gate, right?

Nobody is using autopilot in null and it’s not because of lack of warp to zero. Elsewhere camps operate on outbound precisely because of WTZ.





Oh look, yet another @Flashrain thread.


I’m sorry, but when Champion for the Carebears/Former CSM member running for re-election @Mike_Azariah is the first one to reply to the thread with an “Oh hell no” and you have the nerve to respond with this, you’re full of it.

Yet again you continue to demonstrate profound ignorance/aggressive incompetence in EVE and/or try to change EVE into not-EVE. You continue to insist on changing the game instead of learning and mastering it when there are no shortage of corps out there who would mentor you, and as a result you have an extensive track record of coming up with the most asinine ideas such as making EVE more like Pokémon by introducing ship evolution. EVE is far from perfect, but the ignorant and inexperienced have no business proposing massive changes like this (yes, warp-to-0km is a HUUUUUGE deal).

If you want to ask “Why is it like this? Couldn’t it change?” then yes, we’d gladly explain why it is the way it is and why it should remain that way, but you have quite some nerve calling us elitists simply because we’re more knowledgeable and experienced than you. (It’s not even as if Mike is the only Carebear and/or Champion for Carebears in this thread either.)


I don’t mind adjusting AP to warp to zero, but I understand why it exists. After years, CCP took a step down the slippery slope by reducing it from 15 to 10.

Attentive gankers can just as easily blap a rich target on the other side of a gate. That’s how I’ve been caught, at the keyboard, hauling too much stuff on trade routes outbound from Jita. “They” can still get you, even when warping to every gate at zero.

OK - except fast-aligns like shuttles in highsec. D400 made a career out of shuttles and pods. I would be denying this career choice. Hmm.





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Counterproposal: back to 15km and remove WTZ also.

giffy edit:
OP goes AFK AP -

AP that blingy purple!:


@Xuxe_Xu no gifs this time? /disappoint

You are out of line, young man!

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OP doesn’t know what a “quality of life” change is.

A quality of life change would be something like, say, an option to turn off the red dot notifications.
What OP is asking for is a straight up buff to his laziness.


I’m with you…sometimes a guy just needs to go take a dump. Might as well have the game do you a little favor and get your ship where it needs to go in the meantime.

Pay no attention to these gate camping morons. If they are any good at it, they can still catch you, autopilot warp to zero or not. They just want an easy target.

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1 - Dock up if you need to go afk…

2 - If you are taking a dump the time it takes your overloaded freighter to AP to the other hub, you have a severe problem and should consult a doctor immediately.

Of course. Typical of someone who can only see their game and not what might benefit the game overall.


Please, please keep using AP…you are exactly the type of person that should use it…it was made for you.

You shouldnt be able to automate anything in game at the same level as an active player doing it.

Got to have some drawbacks for the convenience of automation.

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We wouldn’t have this problem now if CCP hadn’t recently reduced the landing distance to 10 Km… Clearly that sent the wrong message to some people…


This supposed change doesn’t even effect gate camping so why would gate campers need to object to it?

The objections are clearly stated. You can ignore them if you want. But don’t try and dismiss this as gate campers protecting something because that’s laughably uneducated.

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Put it back to 15km.