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I am seeing this suspicious pattern of giveaway winners on his stream who are either his donors/subscribers or completely unknown accounts which could possibly be his own alts or alts of his friends

His usual stream viewers who aren’t subbed to him basically never win anything

Just a suspicion and not saying its a certain thing

I am not the only one who has suspected such a thing on his stream. Many of his viewers have noticed it and even mentioned in his chat about it

The appropriate way to report this to CCP is via a ticket, not via the forums. If it is not against their giveaway terms, GMs usually say something to that effect before closing the ticket.

Maybe only his subs are eligible for the giveaway?

Maybe its all a scam and you are just noticing the ones who fumble it

I’ve sent an email today to ccp customer service regarding this matter
Lets see what they have to say

As the others have said, Sending in a email to the community team is the proper means of doing this. A ticket also works as it will be forwarded.

As this answers the question of this topic, I will go ahead and close this.