CCP Approves Paywall Giveaways for Partner Skins?

I was reading a Reddit thread where CSM Brisc Rubal said that CCP Aurora told him that putting the partner skin giveaways behind a paywall was approved.

Part from Reddit: “Per a conversation below - /u/deltaxi65 - Brisc Rubal - claims that CCP Aurora confirmed that what Eve Partner Rushlock is doing is perfectly acceptable.”
** The Reddit thread has a link to his specific comment but I don’t think I can post it here. **

I was just wondering if we could get confirmation from CCP on this issue because CSM Brisc Rubal apparently was having private conversations with CCP Aurora on the private discord.

I believe it’s an issue that impacts the player community greatly. I have spent a bit of time looking on official sources for confirmation of this but can’t find any. It would be nice to not rely on a third hand account from private discords that only CSM and Partners have access to CCP through and no evidence from the channel can be shown.

Could CCP please confirm that this is their official stance?


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From what little i’ve read having the giveaway starting behind a paywall wasn’t an issue, the issue is if only people who have paid can enter or if paying would directly give you a skin

The guy has to make money somehow and aslong as he isn’t directly performing RMT i would guess there aren’t any specific issues with it, if he started doing patreon tiers which offered the skin then you might have a point but it sounds like its just x donations to trigger a giveaway anyone can enter, so you’re not guaranteed the skin by any means

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Sounds like gambling

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Its only gambling if you’re doing something directly, him just waiting for x donations in a stream to trigger a random giveaway isn’t really gambling, and its not like this is a new concept i’m sure streamers have been doing this ■■■■ for ages already

If I remember correctly donations are no issue as long as everyone may them be donators (or paying subscribers) or (non-paying) random viewers have the same access to the giveaways thus the giveaway is not limited to nor favoring the source of the cash flow.



gerund or present participle: gambling

play games of chance for money; bet.

So giving cash to a streamer for a chance to win an item?


Except you’re not

You’ve donating to a streamer who will start a global giveaway, if it was a donator only giveaway you would have a valid point

So the people who provide the money to start the giveaway aren’t allowed to join it?

From the way a lot of people are describing the rules. RMT sites are ok as long as they state the $20 is to trigger an isk giveaway, that starts when the goal is met, and immediately rolled to the person who met the goal?

wow… stretch much? Honestly mate is this what you think. Go nuts with the tin foil and this thread then.

How is that a stretch? It’s an example of how streamers are allowed to do it with just potentially less people. No where in the rules you linked does it state a minimum number of participants are required. If it can be abused then the guidelines should be updated no?

Do you even know what RMT is?

I buy raven for x Dollars from somebody or a site is not the same as supporting a streamer monthly for the content and effort they put in. And then on the of chance I might win a giveaway like a skin or something when they do something like that.

Are you for real? Grow up mate.

Honestly, RMT is serious at least try and tread it as such. All you doing is cheapening it now making it appear less serious since now the counter argument can be how serious can it be then when it is the same a streamer give away.

RMT covers all eve IP not just in client assets. Hence somers ban for “rmt”, he was further monetising his own affiliate link with bonus isk/in game asset.

However to clarify somer was banned for ignoring a ccp demand, had he complied he would not be banned.

For example RMT could involve me providing access to space for , intel solutions for , really anything in the eve IP for $ is RMT and could grab you a ban. When it comes to non game assets CCP has showed proactive leniency hence somers warnings & others ect,

Sure they are, but they aren’t allowed to be the only people allowed, i.e you’re not selling entry to it directly

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LOL Equal chance to win, laughed at that.

Did CCP prepare the legal commission for resolving the equalness of chances yet? :joy:


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There have been no changes to the Existing Giveaway policy that has been in place for some time now. Our rules simply stipulate that when giveaways happen that anyone should have an equal chance of winning regardless of whether they have paid. How giveaways are done is up to the person doing said giveaway. If they want to only do give aways after reaching certain milestone that is within the bounds of the rules.

This is NOT a partner only thing. It has been CCP’s policy for quite a while.