Ads on EVE

What if EVE started giving ads? Pepsi commercial pops up while you are engaged with an enemy and need to pay 10 plex in order to remove the ad, and go back to fighting.

Or watch an ad and get 1 plex?

Is EVE going down that road?

It went down that road many years ago, we just havent reached this part yet

All a CEO thinks about is revenue streams. Only cares about money in the short term so he dont have to fire anyone who isnt doing anything instead of running a company that accomplishes something and provides value which is the ultimate survival strategy but ignored because of stupidity most likely.

I wonder if you will quiet before that happens.

Many of us still play this game, so there is still value in it. You however have already quiet the game so i guess you dont see any value.

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The original developers created something valuable, but CCP turned into rent seekers on this thing. This is why ads in-game are more likely than any of the long standing issues being fixed

Subscriptions existed from the beginning.

How is that rent seeking? And why are you turning into a CCPsplainer

You dont understand what Quietting the game means, so im not surrpised you dont know what rent seeking means.

I like their game. I have not quiet the game.

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Do you work at CCP by any chance?

Do I have to work at CCP to enjoy this game?

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In-game there is frequent discussions about issues, and most people seem to believe the game is in a bad state. But then you come on forums and its like

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The Prophet is concerned that you think this word salad makes sense.

So it went down the road but somehow hasn’t happened yet. Doesn’t that mean we’ve never gone down that road?

Wait, you are no longer on this side of the gate but still attempting to suggest things?

Ah. No wonder no one listens to you.

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So they are actively playing a game and complaining how bad said game is?


No, I didnt say nothing to see here, move along. Im saying The game is good, and if you have arguments to demonstrate why the game is bad, you can post it, but the general logic is that if you continue to play a game and pay for it, then youre probably enjoying the experience.

From now on i ignore multi quoters or what you want to call them. They are ruining threads with walls of text but thats not all.

From now on i will ignore people who quiet the game. Which you clearly have not so i will not ignore you.

He confirmed he has left the universe of New Eden.

Hence why he has no idea what is actually going on in it.

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