ADVANCED BROKER RELATIONS -Adding/Remapping Skill Features

CCP, if you are completely changing the underlying function of a skill, do not move the skill points to the new replacement skill. Let the capusleer decide. The “Margin Trading” and “Advanced Broker Relations” skill have NO inherit commonality.

"The existing Margin Trading skill will be changed into Advanced Broker Relations. The skill’s former ability to reduce the amount of ISK placed into escrow when creating a buy order is going to be removed. It will be replaced with an ability that provides an increasing discount to the Relist Charge.

The skill will keep its existing rank. Any points trained into Margin Trading will now apply to Advanced Broker Relations instead."

Whenever a skill is deprecated, a skill point refund should be issued. Let the capsuleer decide on what skill would benefit them the most.

I currently do relist my market order every now and then, but I do not micro-manage my market. The new market mechanics coupled with the skill benefit of “reduced” cost of relisting items shows no immediate benefit to my marketing strategy and I will possibly never train the skill.


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