Advanced Code Breaking within EVE

so, while playing vanguard i notice there is automatic code breaking of downed escape pods.

this got me thinking about implementing some kind of code breaking in the game based off of the vanguard mechanics.

you could have a code which is anywhere from 4 - 400 numbers long.
however they’re broken down into segments of 4 digits, you crack one set of 4 then the next, then the next till complete.

this can still have a code manually input by players, but it just makes breaking the code substantially less chunky and if someone puts the time into it, they can crack it, obviously such things such as small containers would likely have 4 digits max, while if you entertained the idea of keepstars having access codes, those an be 400 characters long (again broken down into groups of 4) (so 10 sets of 4)

just something I thought I’d share, theoretically you could have more than 400 digits (800, 1200, 1600 even), but naturally there would be some kind of compounding time element so breaking the longer codes takes a while.

I’m not against the mini game which exists in game I’m pointing out with the right set up the style within vanguard could possible expand on game play within EVE.
the existing mini game could still be used so i’m not proposing we swap the systems out, simply add the other one to the EVE Rosta of mechanics.

Just imagine the possibilities! :wink:

:thinking: :smirk: :innocent: