Aeryn-Sun - CSM 14 Candidate

My Name is Aeryn-Sun.
I am Not a CEO, or an FC. I do not live in wormholes or control any null-sec Alliance. I am simply a regular player that does not have their own agenda and set of “fixes” for Eve-Online as a CSM Candidate.

I play Eve Online with my husband and the many friends we have made over the years, and will continue to do so within this ever evolving Sandbox we call Eve-Online.
My goal and reasoning to join CSM 14, is to ensure all aspects of the game are observed and objectively considered when changes are presented.
Too many times have Patch Notes come down that seemingly had not thought of the impact on ____.
Looking at many other CSM Candidates campaigns, and their ideas on how to “fix” eve online, makes me believe I need to help.
I can play devil’s advocate with the best of them. I believe there is always an alternative to any set of proposed ‘changes’ that can achieve the same end result, but have a lesser impact on the players, and the whole of our Universe.

As players, we do not really enjoy change. We are creatures of habit. Sometimes change is necessary, but in a game we all pay for and devote many hours into every week we should expect more subtlety.
It is my hope, that being able to provide alternatives and objective opinions, will yield higher player satisfaction with the on-going and ever-changing aspects of our Game for all of us.

I am a person of strong Conviction, and am able to commit to my duties if elected.
I believe in diversity, equality, and fairness for all.
As such I am not campaigning with my own proposed changes, but my promise that I would do everything I could, to ensure everyone can enjoy this game as it continues to evolve, as it will!

A little Backstory about myself.

The time was early summer 2016. My husband found some article online about a big space battle in a game called Eve Online (we later come to know it as World War Bee, or the Casino War). It enticed him to make an account and see what it was all about. He liked what he found but he had to get me to stop playing WoW and start my own account in Eve.

We started off in Hi-Sec, found the general population to be very standoff-ish, but came across a guy that still runs the “Coalition of Independent Miners”.
Made my first Million ISK selling a venture load of Ore. We accepted the first corp invite that was randomly sent to us and very quickly learned about a group called PIRAT. That corp disabanded not long after joining from demoralization that our new Astrahus was destroyed by PIRAT and friends. (Almost a year later we find that PIRAT was hired by the CEO of the new corp we joined, which consisted of half the members of the first Corp).
Quite a Coup.

Spent some time in Low-Sec before moving into Providence for our first time in Null-Sec. There I believe we started to progress more quickly up this rather steep learning curve that is present in Eve. Just months before one of the BURN Provi events took place, (to us it was just from big bullies), we followed other corps that already made the move to TEST, and preceded the many others that are now part of the Legacy Coalition.

I’ve tried my hand at exploration, ratting, industry, mining and of course PVP.
I have always been a healer in other games, and Eve is no different, I prefer Logi roles on most occasions.
When we aren’t out engaging our enemies, I generally mine and build ships, primarily capital ships.
I find eve is an amazing social platform with people from all over the world with varied experiences and opinions and I love this aspect of the game more than making ISK, or anything else for that matter. Talking to the many friends I’ve made over the years is what keeps me going, and its a miracle I have not lost a Rorq yet as I’m often quite preoccupied with various convos.

I think back when I first logged into eve, to my first ship, my first death and Kill. The first time I made 100 Million ISK! I want the same enjoyment and positive experiences for everyone who may start to play Eve. While those of us to continue to play eve, I’d like to see us continue to find a reason to log in.

So here I ask for you to engage me with your concerns, your questions, and simply ask for your support & Vote on this Years CSM Ballot.



Having played with Aeryn in game almost since my start in EVE I can fully back what he claims. The options available for CSM are typically running on an agenda or platform of changing the world.

I will vote for a candidate that is willing to look at the platform we play on. What is possible what is probable? How can any major player claim to be globally minded in EVE if they are claiming to be able to change only 1 part of the game.

I hope that the player base can see the value of a candidate that is willing to be honest about helping the game and not furthering his own personal wants and needs.


If CCP came to you and put forward an idea you liked but also knew it would destroy a playstyle you don’t believe is good for the game, would you help CCP with that idea or stand-up against it for those with the alternate play-style? How would you do this?

I suppose this would really depend on the specifics. Generally speaking, players are free to choose the way they wish to play. I believe it is important to help everyone grow and evolve in this game - So i would not want to “ruin” the alternate play-style as you put it.
I may want to look how we can minimize the dislike of that playstyle or why.
In many situations, we only dislike what we do not understand, or feel threatened by.
Ie. cloaky camping… many people feel strongly against it. There are pro’s to it, its finding a balance.

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