AFK Cloak and how does cloak work exactly?

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Diatribe, hardly.
To be a diatribe it would have to be based on anger or bitterness towards you or the cloaked ships aspect of this game.

So let’s start with you.
Do not flatter yourself, I do not waste time or energy getting angry at people on an internet forum it serves no purpose and I would get nothing out of it except high blood pressure, stress and a lack of sleep and I do not want or need any of these things.
Bitter, why should I be bitter about you or anything you have posted here. Nothing you do or say here affects my real life and nothing you do or say here will affect my enjoyment of the game of EvE so what do I have to be bitter about?

So now the cloaking mechanic and cloaked ships.
Why yes I have lost ships to cloakies, am I angry or bitter about that? no way, I got careless, lazy and stupid and they were simply reminding me of those facts and I am a better pilot today as a result of those losses so why should I be angry or bitter. Setting that aside why be bitter or angry at something that happened in a computer game when it has no affect on the only thing that really matters and that is my life out here in the real world.

My post was nothing more and nothing less than thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions and opinions based on a section of your post, If those things offended or upset you then I suggest you learn to be less sensitive about things people post in a forum online.

Questions about vulnerabilities only bother those with few active brain cells, or those new to cloaking that believe they have stumbled upon the long lost, top secret holy grail of EvE. For the rest of us the vulnerabilities of a cloaked ship are the same today as they were last year,and they were the same last year as they were when I started playing EvE in 2009.

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I started June 2017, so I consider myself still a noob, too, and the learning part I totally subscribe. I even also totally like discussing about accuracy in an Idea, game or film. Until I learn that the film doesn’t intend to be accurate but thrilling/drama/satire/etc and that argueing any odd concept is just futile. Because we know the authors of the script didn’t have science in mind, but an exciting new concept to widen the game possibilities.

Not every question from a Newbie is a Newbie question, but OK, just my opinion. It doesn’t help me to understand the game, but is of “philosophical” nature, whilst I expected a question about a game problem that frequently occurs to a new player who tries to use cloaking for the first time - like me! :slight_smile: :children_crossing:

It’s like searching a Tarantino film for inaccuracies. You’ll find plenty but miss the intended fun. But OK again, also an opinion, no fight intended either.

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From Miriam-Webster

1 archaic :a prolonged discourse
2 :a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing
3 :ironic or satirical criticism

As one can see anger is not a necessary, even if sufficient, component of what constitutes a diatribe. Based on the above definition I think diatribe fits the description nicely.

Personal attack noted. Look, you were clearly bothered in that you wrote not one, but two lengthy and sardonic replies to me. Just because you’re not angry doesn’t mean you weren’t sufficiently bothered to take the time and trouble to do so.

My original point also still stands, that your initial post was unwarranted. Do you acknowledge that I had already conceded the point that Eve isn’t hard sci-fi or any such vehicle? If so then I don’t understand why we’re even having this argument.

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As a person who will go AFK cloak in systems for hours. Granted I am not a hunter, I am a scout. If you mess with cloaks and make them easier to find or spot then you do destroy the current balance in WH space.

In regular space high sec or low sec, or even Null sec, cloaks are not a huge issue. Because you have local. If you know someone is in local, and they are sitting AFK cloaked somewhere. You can just ignore them and continue mission, or you can move on to another system where they are not. It would be no different than someone sitting at a bookmark hide hole waiting for you to get complacent before they strike.

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Ah, the “newbie question” in mind: Is there a recommended place to discuss the astrophysical aspects of EvE? There must be plenty of forum sites.

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Tannia_Ambrye, I have no idea what your goal here is.
My comments were not based on anger or bitterness, however if you have a “need” to interpret them that way be my guest you only hurt yourself and your enjoyment of a simple discussion.

"Do not flatter yourself"
How is this a personal attack?'
In it’s generally accept form it is simply a short and easy way to tell someone they are not as important as they think they are. An alternative definition is a short way of telling someone they do not know as much about a topic or idea as they think they do. I am sure you can find many other definitions of this phrase and no doubt you will pick one that has the most negative connotation possible to post here so let me change course.

According to forum rules if you believe that someone has posted a personal attack (like me) the proper course of action is to notify the ISD of it’s existence and allow them to deal with it. Responding yourself is not recommended and in fact could lead to you suffering at the hands of the forum rules.

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My goal is simply to get you to acknowledge that my saying

In an earlier post rendered much of your original post null. Do you acknowledge this, yes or no? You have yet to respond despite my pointing it out two times prior.

As for the personal attack, this can simply be a dismissal of a person’s argument based on some aspect about them rather than the basis of their argument. Personal attacks don’t have to be insults or threats. It was a very mild form of it all the same and I merely noted it. Normally I’ll let such attacks slide, unless they start to get too numerous or serious, but I was just amused you employed it.

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slowly but surely EVE devs seem to be getting rid of all AFK aspects of the game, mining, mission running, ratting, etc. makes sense one day camping may get the anti-AFK nerf hammer, I don’t speak for EVE, but it’d seem to be a logical development in my mind.

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