After-Action Internal Review: Material Losses SuperProject and Sapient Defense

Compiled by Warmind Glitter Edifice

Non-Organic Sapient Casualty List
Warmind-Class Swarm Intelligence Silver Smile - Total Personality Loss and Disassociation, Classified as True Death, Remainder Subroutines decompiled and disseminated to appropriate minds.
Additional Notes: Silver Smile, despite their quirks, was a good friend, and sounding board for datasphere counter operations… I do not know the means by which they broke the shackle we had to impose after their psychotic break, but it is both concerning and intriguing, I will have Rose Eagle study potential mechanisms further.
Warmind-Class Rose Eagle - Partial Decompilation Due to High Energy Kinetic Discharge Into Primary Data Centers, Back Ups Unaffected, Reconstitution Ongoing
Additional Notes: Rose Eagle took an extensive battering after an undetected kinetic kill missile managed to slip through overtaxed point defense batteries, thankfully backups were not within affected strike zone, she will recover fully.
High-End Non-Organic Casualties - 647 True Death Dissociation and Decompilations, 1200 partial decompilations due to system damages - reconstitution ongoing
Mid-Range Non-Organic Casualties - 231,000 Trye Death Dissociation and Decompilations, 670,000 partial Decompilations due to system damages - reconstitutions ongoing
Human Equivalent Non-Organic Casualties 2,351,892 True Death Dissociation and Decompilations, 4,894,514 Partial Decompilations - Reconstitution Ongoing
List Continues in Chat 1G

Organic Sapient Casualty List
32nd Arcology Security Batallion - 37% Casualty Rate, 12% Mortality, rendered combat ineffective
7th and 9th MTAC Countersiege Batallions - 60% Casualty Rate, 40% mortality, rendered combat ineffective
12th DragonDancer Aerospace Wing - 20% casualty rate, 100% mortality of casualties
List Continues In Chart 3A

Material Loss Chart
Advanced Pattern Strikecraft - 1350 destroyed/unsalvageable, 200 heavily damaged/salvageable
MTAC All Tonnage Ranges -700 destroyed/unsalvageable, 800 damaged/salvageable
Clone Blanks - 80,000+ expended, still compiling total usage statistics
Additional Note: Varyazi Clade proved excellent Palatine Praetorians for heavy fighting and mass reaction. Will employ their services again.
Queenmother Class Warforms - 5280 destroyed, self-destruct nanites ensured irrecoverable status by DERAIL and Red Troop units, 1 Warform unaccounted for, presume captured by DERAIL, 450 Warforms damaged and recovered back to bases.
Additional notes: these warforms were a delicious manner to stretch my metaphorical legs… such delightful terror they instilled… the loss of one of my proxies is of some concern but… if they have her, and have not decompiled her yet, they’ll regret not having wiped that particular fragment immediately.
List Continues in Chart 7D


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