After update...blackscreen

(Lord Grizzly) #22

I have reinstated the folders you suggested I delete, and I can now get back into the game again, albeit after a wait with a black screen for several minutes, and I still have no ingame sound.

(CCP Lebowski) #23

Ok, thanks for the update, glad you’re back in the game. Did you ever get a bug report submitted? If so do you have the id to hand?

Additionally, just to make sure: Could you check that your gfx drivers are up to date.

(Lord Grizzly) #24

Bug reported submitted EBR-134500.
Will check gfx drivers in the morning

(Lord Grizzly) #25

Already did that - no change

(Busta Rock) #26

I’m also experiencing black screens across 2 accounts, along with the system rebooting without warning within minutes of login. I’ve cleared the cache, verified it, cleared the appdata folders, and have the clients running in DX9. still happening. as of a few minutes ago. the verification in the launcher is showing recurring corruptions. sometimes just a few, sometimes several dozen.

(system) #27

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