Age of Chaos, Ladder, Blackout, Warp Speed

So… Finally eve is actually doing some shakeup with removing local from nullsec. I mean people have only been asking for this for 10 years now… Maybe CCP should appeal to their customer base, and change things up. Now some other good changes would be… We NEED a ladder!!! 1v1, 2v2, 5v5, 10v10 something like this, with unique rewards to the top, and have the ladder reset every quarter.

Another thing, look at the killboard everyone is forced to fly destroyers or under. 9 of the 10 top ship kills this week and from previous weeks are from small ships. This has happened for about 6-7 years now since the warp speed change. Most ppl don’t like frigs, and most people don’t like 45mins of gate travel with current warp speed in a battleship. So it really has become FRIGSONLINE. Now if you don’t want to fix the current gameplay, keep loosing numbers to ppl that are forced to fly what they don’t wanna fly… FRIGS!!!. Now ladder would atleast ease this problem in the universe, as those pvpers would be able to fly their battleship without doing 25 jumps that takes an hour.

You will always have people bitching. They bitch about blackout, and that is the best change i’ve ever seen on eve. You will have people bitch about a ladder or returning the warp speed changes. But eve is stagnate, and needs a serious shakeup. BLACKOUT was an Excellent move, now give us a ladder please!

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Can you tell me who is forcing the players to fly frigates?

You Monday:

CCP is… Do you just comment to blab, of do you look at thing before you open your mouth? Stats clearly show all top ship kills in the last 6 years are all by destroyers and under, at times a cruiser might make it on the top. Do you really think, everyone is that cheap, or that those ships are so great, and that is why people are flying them? Ignorance is bliss i guess. No dumb dumb, it is because of the warp speed of those ships and the time it takes those ships to get into fights, as most fights will be atleast 15 jumps from your current position, making bringing bigger ships a time consuming pain after a day of work.

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No, its because it is easy to use destroyers in HS for ganking which is a decent chunk of kills in EvE. Then frigates that are heavily used in FW because they are cheap. None of these usages really depend on warp speed or have to do many jumps to find target.


I logged into EVE and was able to fly a non-frigate ship. How is CCP forcing me to fly Frigates?

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Frigates, destroyers are almost used in pvp because people can afford the loss and have fun, is not related to warp speed.

A Battleship in pvp is almost used in fleet or bashing structures, there are crazy people doing solo pvp in bs but are rare.

An instance like wow battleground in eve is not going to be a reality, people stay docked waiting the queue for join a spaceship battleground… hmm…

No, we don’t. ■■■■ off.

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