Agent corporations

Hi. I want to start doing more missions. I am amarr and based around Tash Murkon. I am not sure which agent Corp would be best to work for any suggestions greatly received. I don’t mind doing a mix of security distribution etc.


Hey man. I think you can pick the corporation based on lore, roleplaying, and stuff like that to the greatest effect. Enjoy the atmosphere.

If you’re concerned about taxes, broker fees, and other standings derived benefits, consider the corporation’s position in New Eden. You can filter agents by corp in the agency to see where they operate and what they’ll offer as you gain their trust

I would suggest emperor family , as they own the main trade hub in amarr, also good locations around. If y ever need some help feel free to mail me .


Hi thanks for the advice. How do I filter them. Is that via the agency on the neocomm

Hi thanks for the advice and your offer of help. I will have a look at emperors family

You filter by agency

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