Ain't No Way to Kill Cops?

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

I would like to play as a hardcore thug / criminal / cartel sicario that focuses on cop killing and/or high assassinations of law enforcement. However, from my reading, the cops (concord) seem unkillable. I am OK dying in the end, so long as I take the pigs down with me.

Can anyone lend any advice on the issue? I’ll drop the roleplay if its not possible, but I’d love if it was.

Thanks all,

-J La Da Kop Killa

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They are unkillable by design.


All Concords Are Bastards.

(also, terrible rl attitude).

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They are not killable any more so that people like you are encouraged to go into actual lawless space. They were made unkillable specifically because of people like you who had nothing better to do than to abuse the more lenient predecessors and wreak havoc on everything that moved while in perfect safety of high sec. If you want more information on that, search for “m0o”.


Pirate factions offer some missions against killable DED ships IIRC.


How does me wanting to kill NPCs affect you so negatively that you react so harshly?


Concord is unkillable, but I think faction police can be killed, they’ll start chasing you once you enter high sec with a low security status.

If you had searched for what I suggested you to search for, you would not have asked the question. The information about “m0o” clearly states that the situation was absolutely detrimental to the overall population and health of EVE.

also funny that my post was hidden but that guy can talk about entities in EVE as “pigs”. :thinking:

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He’s hella butt-hurt about something…

What he’s referencing though, is a moment when a group we’re both slaughtering players in hisec and fighting off concord at gates. Ccp had to step in and hopped into ships themselves to nuke the bad guys.

After that concord were made indestructible in hi-sec.

But I do believe concord appear as targets in missions from pirate agents.


DED Blockades. But that’s not what he wants. You do not die to these DED ships at all if you know what you are doing. He is after the Concord from your first paragraph.

And I am not hurt. I’m just disappointed by so much ignorance.

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The guy just said he wants to role play copshooting.

Then he said this:

Being ok with it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what he’s seeking.

So yeah mate, pirate mission agents may be something to look into.

You do have one option, hunt people flying with Police skinned ships… Just sayin’


They are donut eating space cops, who are corrupt as hell that don’t do their jobs.

And you can’t kill them.

There is, but you have to be “streetwise” and pretty fast.

And you need a partner to fly the “decoy/spawn trigger” disposable ship.

One guy flies a throwaway cheap ship.
You fly the “ambush” ship which should be the best you can make it - every little edge you can get will increase your chance of success, so use all the bling you can fit.

The ambush ship sets up about 30km from the throwaway ship which should be about 5km from a gate.

The throwaway ship shoots a random coming to the gate (remember, a ship doesn’t jump through a gate until it gets to 2500 meters from it). CONCORD cops respond and the throway ship will get blown up.

At this point the ambush ship springs into action. Target one (and only one, you won’t have time for more…that time…) cop ship and blow it up fast (more dps the better on ambush ship). Then VERY quickly target the wreck and loot it, don’t even try to choose out only the valuable badge right then just click the “loot all” button and take it all. You have to be fast! Two targeting speed rigs on ambush ship!

Immediately warp into a station and wait out the 15-minute criminal timer. Look at your loot and see what you got. About 1/3 of the time (shrug RNG…) you’ll have gotten a CONCORD Badge that can be sold to pirate npc agents in lowsec for a little over a billion isk.

Again you have to be fast and you need to pump out as much dps as you can from the ambush ship.
Show those space cops they’re not so powerful after all (and profit too)

go get 'em!


I have to be the biggest sucker in eve to believe that, but that sounds worth trying!

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You won’t get more than 2 stars on the corner of your screen.

Head to Null And do missions for Pirate NPC’s. You get to shoot DED, which is a division of CONCORD. They are killable NPC’s that fly around in CONCORD ships. Mean bastards. Make sure you salvage and get there wrecks. Valuable Tags for sale in Pirate NPC LP Markets.

Not CONCORD, but there is an ingame channel called anti-ganking and it is full of wanabe heroes, white knights and gewdguys playing the police. You can definitely kill those guys (in game).

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Can you kill the state police? Not Concord.


That said you can outsmart their really shitty AI, and kill the cute baby seals in system who depend on them to feel “safe”.

Have fun !