AITA for not letting a cloaked Stratios (?M) kill my (33M) Heron (17F)?

So there’s a short story about my Eve experience. I (33M) noob Alpha player often fly my Heron (17F) to wormholes for exploration. I’ve been playing for less than 2 months and 2 days ago I was taking my Heron (Lets call her A Beautiful Duwang) out on Valentine’s in a C2 wormhole with a lot of signatures. There was nobody on directional scan, but I still kept scanning as I was told by my Mentor (44M) to never let my guard down.

After a short while I finally scanned down two relic sites. I flew and checked them both with my scoped cargo scanner. One had trash loot (around 20mil in all cans), but the other had two cans each worth around 80mil so 160mil total. With my Beautiful Duwang, I approached the closest rich container and started hacking it. Once I was almost done, Stratios (?M) decloaked nearby and started targeting me! I had to stop hacking and immediately warped out thanks to my T2 warp stabilizers with some of my shield HP gone and left through the wormhole. Stratios followed me and was sitting on the wormhole entrance (I heard the exit sound, then he decloaked). I decided to not give up and opened Project Discovery and start doing it. After 10 minutes, Stratios went back in the wormhole. Being a cautious Caldari citizen I am, I decided to wait for 5 minutes, then followed him back in and immediately warped to the relic site. As expected, he decloaked as soon as I landed on the relic site and proceeded to shoot me.

There was nothing else I could’ve done, so I used my trump card. Using my 5mn Quad LiF restrained MWD, I rapidly approached the expensive relic sites one by one and intentionally failed to hack them, blowing them up both. Stratios managed to take half my armor away by the time I blew up the second container, so I immediately warped back to the wormhole exit. As expected, he followed me. With half the hull strength left, I managed to leave the wormhole. Stratios came out as well.

I started doing Project Discovery again to gain some ISK while not leaving the site to make sure he wasted time waiting for me to go back in again, but guess what? After he went in 10 minutes later (again), I left the place.

He probably waited for me to go back and sat on the relic site or wormhole exit while most likely doing nothing to make ISK, meanwhile I played Project Discovery and got a few million.

So for wasting his time and destroying valuable loot, AITA?


this is eve, unless you dox someone or threaten them irl, you’re never an asshole

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No, but you’re an idiot for fitting WCS. WCS are a concession that you are planning to lose before you even undock, plan to win and fit something more useful.


Are you for playing EvE correctly? No, not at all.

Are you for redditing? Kinda, yeah.


Well… nice that you didn’t get blown up, I guess? Nobody’s an A since you were both doing pretty typical stuff.

Personally as soon as I encountered a ship I couldn’t fight I would have just moved on to the next WH. You accomplished nothing really by playing mouse to his cat. But as long as you were entertained by it I guess it’s not a total waste.

Now if you had killed his Strat, or lured him into a wolfpack somewhere, or blown him up alongside yourself with exploding cans or something… then you’d have something to write about!

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Hola and welcome to EVE,

First of all, you will not like what I will write, but at least I will be onest.

Don’t expect Stratios to lay red carpet in front of relic site and say welcome sir. Wormhole exploration is no risk free PvE. People will strive to kill you. What did you expect? You both screwed up though.

Once you play EVE for 2 months only, this is not at all critique of you. Question is if you are able to admit to yourself that you could do way better.

Stratios shall never be able to lock you fast enough if you fly T1 exploration frig properly. Stratios has quite long locking time, which gives you enough time to escape. Astero would be cheaper but much more deadly.

Heron is excellent for scanning and utility mid slots. And it is often (wrongly) recommend to new people for exploration, but in terms of survailabity, it it the worst choice of all T1 explo frigs. And as you saw yourself it comes down to survailability eventually. This is due to slow align time of heron and only 2 low slots to enhance it. You will be 1 sec slower than in Probe, Imicus or Magnate. Heron is the easiest to catch of all T1 frigs.

Decent hunters will have faction scram or more scrams, so even if you fit full low slots of heron (only 2) with WCS it won’t help you, because it’s not enough.



I’d say you are very lucky you came across a obviously inept Stratios pilot. Any explore hunter with any skills or experience would have had you tackled and probably neuted and dead before you could tell the story.

I like that your Heron is a 17 year old female lol, makes you seem kind of creepy though lol

If you are really less then 2 months old I really want to congratulate you on the level of game knowledge you already achieved. Respect!

I disagree with that sentiment. A Heron isn’t intended for combat, and it sounds like the pilot was a peaceful explorer. Thus, the battle is not of might against might, but cat against mouse. And WCS can make you a better mouse.

@Kirill_Drakos Do unto others. Welcome to Eve.

Merin’s just bitter because of the many, many times they’ve failed to catch a PvP target due to the target using WCS. Apparently this has caused a cranial malfunction where Merin now believes every ship and pilot should fit for PvP no matter what they are actually doing or flying. (Or at the very least, not fit anything that causes Merin to fail another PvP attempt.)

That’s the sort of blind ignorance that has been ruining the PvP potential of EVE for years now. Sadly, CCP is almost as guilty of it as some of the PvP-trolls you see hanging around the forums.

20 mil isk says the OP is a weeb.

OP’s story made me realize something just now.

The most fun I had in 20 months of living in a C4 wormhole wasn’t the PVE (sleeper ratting, ore/gas/ice mining)… it wasn’t the PVP… it certainly wasn’t the scanning! Was it the corpmates dying in silly ways? okay, that was pretty fun sometimes.

But mostly… mostly it was that time a few months ago when I split up a PVP fleet by jumping my triple Occators out through our EOL HS connect… finding out from a corpmate that the hole had closed shut with the predators nipping at my DST heels in an astero and t3c IIRC as I escaped to HS as the sabres and (moar) t3cs were going through our hole towards the HS connect…

It was all right, I’m sure they just followed me on out to HS. ;D

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You know what can also make you a better mouse? Fitting agility bonuses to warp faster and not get caught even when the other guy brings 3+ points of warp disruption. WCS are a concession that you intend to be lazy about watching for threats and allow someone to get a lock and point on you before you warp out.

Oh look, another idiot who doesn’t understand that WCS are bad even when you’re not fitting for PvP. Low slots are useful, you shouldn’t be throwing them away on a partial substitute for being smart and paying attention to the game. If people followed by advice I’d end up getting fewer kills because all of the clueless WCS users that can currently be caught with multiple points would be using more effective evasion tools.

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You simply cannot stop talking like a moron right?

Simply EVERYBODY that does not share your stupid opinion of ‘how eve has to be played’ is an idiot that just don’t understand your glorious knowledge…

You Sir know nothing…

Yep. But feel free to keep making your ships less effective by fitting WCS because you’re too lazy and/or stupid to use any of the other tools for avoiding a PvP threat.

Yep you are…and a pussy too…

OP: “look, I did a PvP thing and avoided death”

Me: “there are better ways to avoid PvP that make your ship more effective”



The targeting penalties from WCSs are extremely painful, even if you are just exploring in a frigate.

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Stop proving to the world that you are a moron…

We already know…