Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! Start your day off right by watching some wholesome children’s shows, eating a good breakfast, and shooting reds right in their stupid face!

Recruitment is open! Discover the wonders of our annual costume pageant! Guaranteed to make you feel weird the next time you see your parents!

Recruitment is open! Ask about our creative breakfast recipes! We’ll show you how to make something new and alarming out of those leftovers!

Recruitment is open! Come gossip with us about our leader’s fashion crimes!

Bumbing for some sexiness love from Elassus

@Elassus_Herron @Giand_Amazone Guys, do you have a new discord link? The one in the post doesn t work. Tnx :slight_smile:

I do! It’s https://discord.gg/jFTM7s.

For some reason, there’s no edit function on the original post, and I can’t fix it up there. CCPlz.

Also sent you the link via ingame mail. See you soon!


Recruitment is open! Regular fleet action! Frequent roams! Conveniently scheduled therapy sessions with all the tissues and safety blankets you need! We’ll help you work through some issues! (spoiler: it involves shooting missiles at Those Reds until they explode!)

Recruitment is open! The experimental pastry tasting station is over there

Recruitment is open! Remember, when flying in combat fleets with us, to wash down that candy-colored mix of illicit boosters we gave you with a single-serving bottle of Quafe Zero! Your face will probably go numb, but you’re doing it for the children.

+1 For the feel-nice spacey-times. Only been with these guys a week or so and already they have bent-over backwards to make me at home and offer all the support an explosion-prone prospective PVP’er could wish for.

Come and be the new kid so it isn’t me any more!

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget to use plenty of soap!

Recruitment is open! Our annual Fall Celebration is almost here! Don’t miss the Harvest Exhibition, where our newest gardeners have grown some very alarming vegetables! It’s guaranteed to be acutely distressing!

Recruitment is open! Brush your teeth!

Recruitment is open! I’d say we have only the highest standards for new pilots, but I just saw a holovid about some celebrity couple breaking up and now Love Is Dead and I’m feeling especially needy!

(in seriousness, though: we do want our recruits to be decent people and not trash-goblins, but our corp is open to players of any skill level, especially new players!)

Recruitment is open! I brought cupcakes!

Recruitment is open! Come over tonight for the sleepover! We’ll try on make-up, and talk about celebrities, and watch all your favorite rom-coms on the holovid while ugly-crying about The Power of Love and eating ice cream! It’s great for bonding!

Recruitment is open! Leave your pants at home!

Recruitment is open! Story Time every afternoon at 16:00!

Recruitment is open! Take a walk, have some herbal tea, shoot some reds right in the dick! It’s called self-care.