Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! If you’re looking for exciting pvp sexytimes, or all the nullsec industry opportunities available to help you go get, as the kids say, “that bread,” this is the place for you!

Recruitment is open! If you’re looking for a place to get lots of pvp sexytimes, while having a great bunch of people to help teach you all the things, this is the place for you!

Recruitment is open! Don’t be afraid of trying new things, like flying logi, or messing around with ewar, or maybe even experimenting with “booooooosh.” We aren’t ashamed to expand our horizons, so if those sorts of experiences fill you with confusing and exciting emotions, we’re ready to help you explore them!

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget, our corp is the best corp to join, because we have a Discord bot that serves up dog and cat pictures just for asking! Accept no substitutes!

Recruitment is open! Come hang out with us and discover a whole world of avant-garde fashion choices to improve your lifestyle!

Recruitment is open! Public NRDS fleets every Saturday at 13:00! That’s a bit over two hours from right now! Come join us for some pvp sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! If you are wondering what to do with all your ships, or all the things you put on your ships, don’t fret! We are here to help you find your way in New Eden! We won’t ever judge you for your ship choices, because #nokinkshaming, and will always encourage you to make healthy life choices, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Let’s not talk about all that recent unpleasantness! Mistakes were made, the important thing to do now is move on and not ask too many questions about certain improprieties! We’re all about that positivity here!

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget to ask us about the dog/cat memes!

Recruitment is open! Don#t miss our special VIP room for all new recruits! It’s filled with all the things a new member should see, plus some things that will appall you, but you need to experience because we believe in awakening you to the unseen, horrifying dimensions of reality by shocking the senses! We are modernists and nihilists, and we do this because we love you!
(but there’s cupcakes after, so it’s OK)

Recruitment is open! If you are A Noob, and would like to learn about spaceship things, and also how to love yourself more through the magic of dog/cat pictures, we’re here to help!

Recruitment is open! Sometimes you feel like you might want to turn things around, try something new, and maybe you think about doing something drastic, like getting bangs or trying a celebrity fad diet. But did you know? You can also bring about real change in your life by shooting reds, right in their stupid face, with missiles! It’s very therapeutic! Ask us how, we can help!

Recruitment is open! Come for the fun pvp sexytimes, stay for the great team of people ready to help you become your best self, and not even in some weird way like with a new hairstyle or whatever, but with EVE! We want you to grow and thrive, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Public NRDS pvp sexytime fleets every Saturday at 13:00! That’s today! Come drop by our server and find out how you can learn important EVE skills like, “shoot this guy”, all in a fun and friendly environment!

Recruitment is open! Try some cupcakes, they’re homemade and I’m proud!

Recruitment is open! Do you ever find yourself curious about things you were told are naughty, like ewar, or fooling around with logi, or booooosh? Don’t be ashamed! It’s beautiful and natural, and we will never kinkshame you for it, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget, we will help you get out of that cycle of celebrity fads, social-media diet trends, and feeling ashamed about your missile choices! We only want to love you and help you grow as a person. Also, we have dog/cat memes.

Recruitment is open! It sure has been a while! We’ve moved, and are set up with some new friends and lots of exciting things going on with our new neighbors! We invited them over last night for some hott pvp sexytimes, and they were, as the kids say, “down with it”! Don’t be shy! Cast off those stuffy old inhibitions and experiment, with us!

Recruitment is open! Come visit us and learn all about the importance of dog and cat memes in improving your daily life!

Recruitment is open! Fresh biscuits and dog/cat memes served up daily!