Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget to take your vitamins and eat a balanced diet!

Recruitment is open! I just discovered that one of my favorite pop-songs on the holonet is actually a cover of a much weirder original, and now I just don’t know whom to trust on social media anymore!

If you’re feeling a little lost in New Eden, we can help! AK.S is here to help you find your way through these difficult times!

Recruitment is open! If you want to learn important EVE skills, like how to make the best emojis for chatting in local, this is the corp for you!

Recruitment is open! Don’t miss our weekly creative-expression classes! We teach you how to work through your issues in exciting and creative ways, mostly by doing violence on Those Reds, who deserve it!

Recruitment is open! Be kind to animals, especially all the dogs and cats our Discord bot serves up to improve your day, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Remember: we’re here to help you find your way on a magical journey of self-discovery! Don’t be ashamed of your personal proclivities! We’d never kinkshame you for flying logi, or even ewar, or swapping ships right there in front of everybody, because we love you and want you to be happy.

Recruitment is open! Now recruiting pilots for pvp, industry, explo, pve, and recipe blogging!

Recruitment is open! I took a “self-care day” today, and that means I slept in, doom-scrolled social media posts by Those Reds being mean in local, and worked through some anxiety by shooting reds right in their stupid face! You should try it! Treat yourself!

Recruitment is open! Ask us out our many enrichment activities!

Recruitment is open! We just switched our local time, and it was very confusing for a few hours! If you are confused by things like “time zone” or “why is it still dark,” just remember that everything is consistent and easy to remember if you just always use EVE time! Your friends and associates might struggle to understand, but we’ll never judge you for your life choices, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! No fashion concepts are too outlandish for us! I had a recruit last week who said the hairstyle look he was serving up was very “commentary,” and I don’t even know what that means!

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget to bring pictures of cute animals!

Recruitment is open! HOTT pvp sexytimes are ready in your area! Drop by today!

Recruitment is open! We’re here to help you on your EVE journey! And what better way to do it than with indulgent baked goods and overwrought fashion choices?

Recruitment is open! No kinkshaming!