Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! Nonstop pvp sexytimes are available for you! All you have to do is learn to love and accept yourself! Don’t be ashamed if you get excited by “logi” or “ewar” or “shooting reds right in their stupid face”! It’s beautiful and natural! You had the power within you all along!

Recruitment is open! Don#T be shy, we’ll love you for who you are!

Recruitment is open! We have lots of enrichment activities to provide you with learning and stimulation!

Recruitment is open! Public NRDS pvp fleets every Saturday at 13:00! Hop on our Discord to get details and learn how you can shoot reds right in their stupid face, with missiles!

Recruitment is open! Remember: it’s not “daytime drinking” or “why are you having an emotional breakdown in public on a Sunday morning?” if you call it “brunch” and have cantaloupe and some friends to share!

Recruitment is open! Remember, those feelings you have about “experimenting” with ways of playing EVE are not shameful! They’re beautiful and natural, and we’ll never judge you for them, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Remember, EVE is much less scary if you have dogs and baked goods to help you figure things out!

Recruitment is open! Ask about our exciting opportunities in the field of avant-garde fashion criticism! This just might be the career move that you’ve been waiting to make! The time is now!

Recruitment is open! If you’ve ever felt like you’d have more confidence in EVE if you had a “life-coach” yelling encouragement at you like some weird, transgressive foreign fashion photographer specializing in confusing erotica, this is the place!

Recruitment is open! Operators at our holovid-call center are standing by! Don’t hesitate to call in, and don’t worry! They’ve seen everything and won’t judge you for your fashion choices!

Recruitment is open! A lot of people are asking me questions about my “I never met that ‘exotic dancer’ they found in the hotel room in Jita” press release that are already answered by my press release.

Recruitment is open! Ask about special premiums for new members, like supplying your hangar with enrichment items for fun and learning excitement!

Recruitment is open! Join us and do outer-space stuff!

Recruitment is open! Ask about our wide range of exciting enrichment items available to fill your hangar with valuable stimulation and learning activities! We also have regular pvp sexytime fleets running, don’t miss them!

Recruitment is open! Join our fleets and learn how to work through your feeeeelings by shooting reds, right in their stupid face, with missiles!

Recruitment is open! Did you know? When you do mining ops in dangerous places, sometimes people want to come do dangerous things to you! But if you’re ready, you come charging out in combat ships, and then you can have sexytimes! It really spices things up!

Come join us and add that spark to your life that you’ve been missing!

Recruitment is open! Join our corp and you can go on a magical journey of self-discovery, where you realize that the power was in you all along!