Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! Don’t forget to sign up for our educational puppet shows! If you’re laughing you’re learning!

Recruitment is open! Don’t spend your lazy summer afternoons hate-watching some holovids about celebrities, when you could live the celebrity lifestyle, with us! We’ll kit up your ship with all the latest and most fashionable weapons! It will be very glamorous!

Recruitment is open! When you fly with us, your ships are fancy, not awkward and weird like those reds, who were too busy eating their own poop (it’s their favorite! Don’t ask us why!) to sort their hangars out properly!

Recruitment is open! It’s a new day! Start fresh by trying out one of the pvp support roles! Don’t be shy, everybody dabbles in a little bit of ewar, or logi, or tackle every now and then! Some people even like it! It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of, and we here at AK.S are all about that #positivity, so we even encourage it!

Recruitment is open! ZOMG.

Recruitment is open! Want to learn pvp, in the most active and vibrant place to do it, with content right on your doorstep? This is the place!

Recruitment is open! Remember to hydrate!

Recruitment is open! If you’re curious about what it’s like flying with us, we run public NRDS fleets every Saturday at 13:00 EVE time! Come fly with us!

Recruitment is open! Drop by our Discord, and we’ll gossip about celebrity fashion crimes!

Recruitment is open! There’s no better place to learn pvp than here in Provi, the most active region around! Instead of searching for a fight, the fight comes to to you!

Recruitment is open! If you are A Noob, and you want to learn more about the game, come hang out with us! We can help!

Recruitment is open! Nullsec is an exciting place, and our nullsec is extra exciting! Content comes right to your door, all the time! We give you the tools to thrive here!

Recruitment is open! Come fly with us, and discover a whole other side of yourself, and not in a weird way! Unless you’re into that! We won’t judge, because we love you.

New Player here. Sounds like this might be the right fit. I’d love to get to know how to progress to ‘end gamey stuff’. Do you do events daily?

Hi Leonidas!

Got your mail, too. Thanks for visiting! I run fleets 2-3 times a week, but the coalition we live in has them every day. There is always pvp to be had, always right next door! Plenty of opportunities to learn the ropes!

Drop by our Discord, hang out with us a bit, come on our public NRDS fleets, and get to know us.

That goes for everybody else! Come hang out with us, learn how to do EVE things, share pictures of dogs! See you soon!

Recruitment is open! Public NRDS patrol fleets, to learn about the wonders of pvp in a safe,non-judgmental environment, every Saturday! It’s just like that time in school when you were at a party and they played some risque party games that gave you new and confusing feelings!

Recruitment is open! Our modern pilot habitat enclosures are equipped with all of the latest enrichment items to provide fun and stimulation!

Recruitment is open! Costume parties on a regular basis! Pants optional!

Recruitment is open! Come hang out on our Discord, where we discuss how that celebrity crush you have is Problematic!

Recruitment is open! Pajama sleepover every Saturday night! Bring your favorite drone plushie (mine’s the mining drone! Its tentacles are squeee!)! We’ll watch all your favorite rom-com holovids and ugly-cry about the power of friendship!