Alasker For CSM17

I’m Alasker, CEO of Esports Petopia and War and Wormhole. I started to play eve in Serenity in 2009. In 2017, I devoted my energy and time into starting another eve experience in Tranquility. During most of my eve life, I played as a wormhole pvp player. I built the first Chinese wormhole alliance ‘War and Wormhole’ in 2018, and another alliance ‘Esports Petopia’ for small-gang fights and tournaments in 2019. Last year, I cooperated with CCP Aurora to hold the Summer Tournament for AUTZ-CNTZ players to feel the atmosphere and charm of eve tournament. Now I have another title, prime fleet commander of a new-rising Chinese nullsec alliance ‘Dracarys’. I have experienced nearly 100% pvp content in this game. Thus, I believe most of my opinions about EVE can be agreed by many eve players.

As a wormhole player:
W-space is an interesting space for relatively small-medium group to live in. -1.0 security means high risk and high return. However, recently more and more wormhole players are only interested in blue loot. Most of the wormhole players nowadays know how to avoid the risk of being tackled by new K162 comers, which made more ratters into this space. The content in W-space needs a trigger usually. It used to be a ratting group of battleships or a dread. But now it is easy for the ratting ships to quit the site (like MJD or just abandon one ship there) and dock. Thus, eviction became the only trigger to start a series of fights in W-space. I do not mean eviction is bad, but it is not good for small and medium group to start their journey in W-space. Most of wormhole alliance would like to do the prefect hole control to finish the eviction without any accident. No blame here, it is a normal choice for W-space FCs. But this actually makes eviction like another kind of ratting activity only. My alliance used to make some evictions, but recently we pretended to make an eviction to start a content. Therefore, I think wormhole setting can be changed for W-space to create content easier.
For example, combat site in C5 and C6 should prohibit ships warping out until last spawn is killed.

As a Solo/Small-gang player:
Some solo/small-gang players should know my team and me. F1 Monkey. (Esports Petopia) collected a part of the most talented Chinese pvp players. In the beginning of our pvp exploration, we felt mad when there were 2 more recon ships on the opposite side. In the second year, it changed to tens of Jaguars and small tackles. And now, the existence of marauder makes many solo/small-gang players leave this game. Speaking of my team, Jayne Hobb, MCMC, Zigeng, Chess Player, and other well-known players have been AFK because of this version change. Solo is a kind of ‘mission impossible’ now. Maybe sometimes solo players can still gain some solo kills with vagabond or vedmak, but it does not depend on us. It depends on your opposite’s attitude. When he or she undocks with a vargur/paladin, it is time for you to wait for another filament or go back home. I really respect those players who love to give a close fight instead of blob. However, it must be said that the pvp environment is getting worse and worse. I hope I can collect suggestions from players and make suggestions for the version change.

As a fleet commander:
I lead my own wormhole fleet with very different doctrines, including nighthawks, nightmares, zealot, loki, legion, gila and so on. However, when I start my FC journey in Dracarys, I found that for most of nullsec alliance the battlefield now restricts the playstyle. Speaking of the fights between D.C and FIRE, there are only three cruiser ships appearing in the battlefield, Muninn, Eagle and Cerb. You may say Horde’s elite group playing Paladin and EOS while init is playing Apoc navy issue. However, most of nullsec players do not have many choices. HAC is too cheap now. A 100 HAC fleet can win the efficiency of a fight only if they kill 10-15 nightmares in a 40-battleship fleet. It forces most of FCs to lead a HAC fleet, and only the big alliances have the right to play the rich doctrine. Some players who would like to play different styles might quit the original corp to join a large alliance. The balance of ship function and ship price should be reviewed and changed.

As a tournament player:
I first led my team to join the tournament Alliance Open 2 years ago. We stayed up for 3 nights and won the 7th-8th place in that tournament. Currently, my new team (many old mates are afk) are preparing for AG5. As the tournament are held in EUTZ, it is hard for us to find suitable scrim partner in our main time zone. And I know many pilots give up the chance to play in the tournament because of the single time zone. I have the experience to hold a tournament for AUTZ-early EUTZ, and I believe tournament is kind of approach to bring energy to most of PVP players. Nowadays, ranking and match becomes the theme of game industry. I am considering if CCP can combine normal competition (like monthly tournament with ship restrictions) into EVE. I went to act as a referee last July for the 2V2 serenity proving ground matches in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, which showed the possibility of holding a regular tournament monthly with different rules. Maybe a large ‘proving-ground’ with schedule monthly can attract pvp lovers to play.

Why vote me?
For Chinese and other Asian players:
I am the manager of Chinese EVE Forum, tieba, who have done a great contribution to the rookie teaching, EVE information sharing, tournament holding and so on. Most of you should know I am a PVP player who focus on the content only and never care about political issue. Speaking of myself, I know many famous Asian players from different countries and regions, and I am learning both Japanese and Korean. You are welcome to share your opinions with me.

For wormhole players:
Seldom did a wormhole player gain a seat of CSM. Wormhole used to be paradise for us, but now it is not easy for us to have fun here. Someone should speak out for the J-space players. I lead the biggest Chinese wormhole group, who is one member of WHCFC. And I have a well-known C2-C5 and nullsec static roaming WH corp, F1 Monkey. I understand both of comprehensive wormhole players’ and roaming wormhole players’ need.

For content creator and PvP player:
I’m one of the best content creators in Chinese community. I am very experienced in trigger a fight (Solo/small-gang/doctrine). In March, when I have sufficient time to play this game, I rank #2 on zkillboard with 140 roaming and small fleet kills. I know well about the PVP environment with different scales. I know the dilemma of small and medium alliance’s pvp experience. I know why people choose AB ships and ships with more tracking computers and sensor booster now. I know why many roaming teams are disappearing. I would like to help CCP improve the environment. Please vote me.

For tournament likers:
I am a fanatic fan of AT series. I also take part in it. And I believe I am only player who acts as player, referee, rule maker and streamer of tournaments for Tranquility and Serenity. Tournament give us an arena to have a fair fight in which you can have your own mind storm and play whatever you want. I know well how a tournament is held, how many works the staff need to do, how captains and mates cooperate and practice, and how many players expect such kinds of fights more frequently. I can be the one who not only has comment on open world, but also brings useful suggestions on the arena.

Thanks for everyone taking time to read my thread! If you have the same opinion with me and trust me, please vote Alasker!
If you have any questions and would like to talk with me, you are welcome to contact me in-game or just post here. Thank you very much!


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From the perspective of a new member of F1 Monkey.,I will Introduce Alasker and his attempts or efforts to improve the game content.

I’m a player who has only been in EVE for 3 years, and I’ve only been in W-Space for over a year. When I first came to New Eden, I spent half a year repeating combat missions in Highsec to support myself. Later, I came to the Fraternity with the introduction of a friend and started to get in touch with PVP. However, as Alasker said, the Nullsec alliance, especially a large alliance like Fraternity, does not have much content/ship options for ordinary members, whether it is a duty fleet or a strategic fleet. Maybe a Jaguar, Slasher approaching the target and tackling or dying, maybe a 250-man fleet flying in a Muninn, Kikimora pressing F1 and putting up with a 10% tidi. Members can’t enjoy the game content and ships they really like, and when I try to fight some small gangs with my Nullsec teammates, due to various reasons such as our own incompetence, wrong ideas, etc., we keep feeding and suffer setbacks , and it is difficult to make any progress. This led me to leave Nullsec alliance to find a more suitable team for me, until one day, Alasker brought his Caracal fleet to meet our duty fleet and defeated our overwhelmingly superior ships.

That was the day I got to know Alasker and his good friend Sarion Ikaruga - also a FC with great talent, strength and dreams, and also the first time I really felt that the real charm of PVP in EVE is not How big and expensive your ship is,how many people in your fleet,it depends on the cooperation, fetters, and the use of brain power to defeat the opponent with limited resources or retreat completely. The real Small Gang is art. No doubt I was in WAW in a few weeks and started a new EVE phase.

Usually an Alliance CEO, you can only see him in Discord or Grand Fleet, you rarely even get a chance to communicate with him directly. But Alasker, as the CEO of WAW, you can find him very easily and communicate with him directly. W-space is unfamiliar and scary to most people, but Alasker and his management team can easily receive fresh blood and let players quickly integrate into W-space life. In addition, Alasker actively seeks out pvp content for members, including scanning, roaming, and rolling. Under his leadership, we killed the C5 capitals , killed Rorquals or capitals under the Super umbrella, and even killed Supers with a fleet of less than 100 characters. He and his FC have a perfect understanding of wormhole operations, and they are very comfortable with the deployment of their fleet. Usually, excellent pvp players like Alasker don’t care about pve activities, but as the CEO of the alliance, he also actively leads members to farming in C5, in order to enrich members’ wallets and skills to experience better game content.

Soon I stopped waiting for pings and joined the roaming team of F1 Monkey… Unlike the fleet battles mentioned above, in the squad battles, Alasker and his teammates showed their other side. They are extremely threatening, their brains are running fast, they can judge the situation, everyone’s position and data on the grid. Then using their outstanding ability to achieve excellent results again and again in the disadvantaged. Everyone in the team can cooperate well with each other. This kind of communication are enviable. Even in the face of failure, the team actively seeks out the problem and thinks about possible solutions—rather than just using better ships or more people. However, since the enhancement of Marauders, more and more members are leaving EVE because it is difficult to find an acceptable solution to face them, even Alasker and Sarion are thinking as best as they can, there is no doubt that, Marauders destroy the small-gang fight. Alasker’s understanding of small-gang is better than most players, so I also believe that he can collect and make useful suggestions in this area to keep small-gang fight great again.

As my time in the team gradually increased, I was fortunate enough to be Alasker and Sarion’s AT teammates - even though I didn’t think I was up to the job, they were generous in accepting and training me - actrually they accepte any player who loved PvP. And I also witnessed the amazing creativity, perseverance and hard work they showed in preparing for the game. Alasker has been working hard to let us communicate with more excellent teams, and is also working hard to let more people know about the tournament series (such as the AUTZ Summer Invitational Tournament held in 2021). I believe,as a multi-roll player, he can make useful suggestions to better integrate competition and rankings into EVE.

In the game, he is an excellent CEO, squad commander, fleet commander, diplomat, and in reality, he is also an excellent multilingual, charismatic sociologist. So if you are a player interested in small-gang PVP, wormhole player, tournament (arena) player or any other player who wants to make the new Eden universe more colorful, you can choose and trust Alasker, he does not factional orientation,wholeheartedly thinking about the game experience for all players.


Thank you so much!

I will introduce alasker, a very powerful Eve player with lofty ideals
I joined waw in January last year. At that time, I was hoping to get more isks. waw still lived in 5-5. there were many of us. From my perspective, we were almost invincible in the wormhole. Small-scale organizational confrontation and large-scale strategic actions. In every wormhole war, alasker led us to fight. This kind of thing is almost impossible to see at 00. At the same time, Alaskr is also trying various ways to help us get more game content, so we moved after World War I and pushed out the BNB mother hole.
Finally, we brought some players who love PVP into the 25N of F1 monkey Corps.
This is a completely different experience for me. While we are carrying out the normal production of C5, we can also have more opportunities to compete with some players of 00 to hone my PVP operation and consciousness. Here, I am honored to fight side by side with Alasker, who will appear almost every night., At that time, our PVP environment was very comfortable. The exquisite team confrontation of less than 10 people made me experience a completely different experience.
Later, I also participated in the Chinese at competition held by Alasker, where I could compete with the elites of various Chinese groups. I also saw the hard work of Alaska in this competition.
However, since the enhancement of Marauders. Whenever a Marauders in the opposite team, it is almost impossible for us to fight them again. Alasker also put forward many solutions, including 100ab team and looting fight, But these methods have not completely solved the pressure when we face the marauders. I believe that Alaska can put forward more useful suggestions on team war and PVP. I also hope that both 00 players, solo players and team war players can get a better game experience.
So no matter what kind of player you are in New Eden, as long as you want a more comfortable and balanced game experience in New Eden, please choose and trust Alasker.

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Booking CSM 17 interviews on behalf of Ashterothi Scheduling for this weekend. Let us know if you’re available.



your first paragraph spent you out man. I’d never vote for someone who openly admits he’ll be working for this.

Hope you get on CSM. Good Luck.

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