ALERT: Adrift in Space

Sources report that a Wreath was destroyed near Jita. Amarrian soldiers escaped into a cargo container, which is now adrift in space. They have approximately 2-3 hours of air remaining. All spaceforces are urged to respond immediately and search for the container. Find them, and bring them home. Good luck capsuleers!


Safety! - there is still room for the feat!

This was sadly while I was sleeping, but next time consider checking the channel C3SRC (Coordination Channel for Consolidated Space Rescue Cooperation) if there are any other pilots on who could respond.

Was anyone able to rescue them?

Alas, reports indicate they all perished.

Such are the perils of space travel.

Especially when wrecks and cans are left un-abandoned, so those coming to rescue victims can be shot once they’re flagged suspect. Literally the oldest can-flipping scam in highsec, brought to the IGS by half-assed CODE wannabes.

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Calm down miner.

Lookit that. Can’t even come up with your own insults, gotta steal CODE’s. Void knows, you’re not going to find a Goon who’ll look down on you for ganking. It’s the slipshod, sloppy, and frankly amateurish way you go about it.

Take some damned pride in your work. Come up with something original, something yours, instead of just aping the things far better pirates did long before you got into space. I mean, spacing people in cans? That’s some Fweddit-level amateur-hour fedo feces, right there. And posting it to the IGS? Obvious cry for attention is obvious. Painfully obvious. Cringeworthy-type obvious.

Seriously now. You’ve been in space for three years. At least have the self-respect to not be so pathetically derivative. It’s embarrassing to watch.


Miner, please, it’s not healthy for you to spend a half hour weeping such buckets of salt.

Yup. Just keep on playing that one-note song, highlighting your inability to come up with anything new. Really helps your case, kid.

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Praise James! o7 capsuleer!

I’m not really an aficionado of pratfall comedy, it requires a level of skill and timing that few of those attempting it can really muster, to be genuinely amusing rather than dilettante trash.

That said, I was mildly amused at the unironic attempt to insult Arrendis by calling her a “miner”.


Iirc I’ve never actually been shot at during one of my deathcan rescues. I’d say at least 95% of the time, these containers are left un-abandoned because the egger dumping the people can not be bothered to abandon them. Then again, I treat every such rescue as a potential trap, so it could be that I escaped some without knowing.

That’s no way to speak to our Princess Aiko, Arrendis.

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It’s a hell of a lot more consideration than the derivative hack deserves.


Stop embarrassing yourself.

Stop being an unimaginative copycat, going through the motions without a shred of innovation or originality to prop up all that ego.


Calm down miner!

aaaaaand right back to the same tired nonsense. Gosh, it’s almost like you actually have no thoughts of your own, just recycled puerile nonsense you heard from people who actually knew what they were doing.


Miner, calm down!