#SaveMike ANOTHER WIN FOR THE GOOD GUYS! Leadership keeps hiding avoiding situation & responsibility. SKIN Giveaways for helping the cause!


Approximately two weeks ago capsuleer Ira Warwick was flying through Ruomo constellation located 2 jumps from Jita solar system in The Forge region when the ships directional scanners detected multiple mining vessels in the nearby asteroid belt.

Curiosity piqued as he altered his course, guiding his vessel toward the enigmatic signal.
As he draws closer, the blip resolves into the unmistakable signature of another capsuleer, a fellow denizen of the stars.

It turns out that all the mining vessels are piloted by a single capsuleer.
All the clones were registered as members of ‘RoughNecks Extraction Team’ corporation.
One of the many corporations in the Citizen’s Star Republic alliance.

According to Ira Warwick a friendly chat took place in the belt between Ira and iMiike Zyklons, iMiike10 Zyklons, iMiike11 Zyklons, iMiike12 Zyklons, iMiike13 Zyklons, iMiike14 Zyklons, iMiike15 Zyklons, iMiike16 Zyklons, iMiike17 Zyklons, iMiike18 Zyklons…

Ira was explaining to Mike that there is a new multiplayer content available called Homefronts where Mike would be able to fly with other capsuleers, chatting while mining a rock with fellow fleet mates and receive some ISK for hes trouble.

Everything was going fine until the communications suddenly ceased with the last message from Mike being, and we quote, “I’m not allowed to chat with you.” Ira got very worried by this.

After investigating the situation more closely it turned out that Mikes boss, the leadership figure of the alliance Keila Marshall had ordered Mike to cease all communications and block Ira from hes mining vessels communication relay devices.

Mike was denied from hes freedom of speech.
Mike was denied from having content.
Mike was denied from interacting with other capsuleers.
This is slavery! This is against the capsuleer rights!

Since the incident multiple parties have declared their support for Mike.
Some corporations and private capsuleers have taken action against the miner slavery and proceeded to destroy any illegal mining vessels within the region.

Here are some documents we’ve received in the past two weeks.
Some of the information has been covered for unknown reasons.
This is concerning! Miners of New Eden need to know about this.

As you can see the documents contain proof of:

  • Miner slavery to manipulate mineral and ore markets for personal gain. (Banned in Empire space.)
  • Possible clone malfunction leading to cyber-madness.
  • The leadership ordering corporation enforcers to gank their own miners for being in the wrong asteroid belt. (Possibly for other reasons too.)
  • Surpassing the high-sovernity miner capsuleer limit of one (1) per active player with two hundred (200) capsuleers belonging to same player!!!
  • Slave abuse.
  • Denying freedom of speech and capsuleer rights.

Miners in the region have become delusional.
In the last document the Orca miner ‘Now u see’ is defending the hateful slaver queen despite of everything happening around him. Maybe alt (?)

The Official #SaveMike movement wants to thank everyone who gave and keeps on giving their support for Mike in local chats, ganking mining vessels piloted by automated bot alts, for the effort to stop this slavery and foremost for the all over support for this cause!

#SaveMike #SaveMike #SaveMike #SaveMike #SaveMike #SaveMike #SaveMike #SaveMike

We have declared Citizen’s Star Slavers as enemy of high-sov leeches and we promise you that things will be better!!! The time of high-sov capsuleers is now! But we need your help! The #SaveMike movement is giving away skins for your efforts. Skins that even the null-bears are jealous of. Save the constellation of Ruomo. Let’s remove the economy-wide bot disaster. NO MORE SLAVES! Post your killmails here and have the chance to receive SKINS!


Post your Citizen’s Star Slavers kill mails to have a chance of receiving some of these skins.
Campaign will run until further notice. #SaveMike

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LOL! This is wholesome.
This movement has my full support.


#SaveMike :two_hearts:
Leave no miner behind!
Without mining ship they can’t be slaves anymore are forced to move forward in life.

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Any true or made up reason to blow up spaceships is good. Have pewpew fun !!

P.S.: next year your battle cry could be “free the renters !!” :laughing:

Not sure if this thread is in the correct forum section.


Really?!? Maybe I shouldn’t undock what I can’t afford to lose then :thinking:

Quite the opposite!
You should undock and save high-sovernity one slave miner at a time!
#SaveMike free slaves. Destroy every mining vessel until this ends!

The nullbears, whbears and high-sov leaders are handing out ORDERS for their capsuleers to not talk with others. This is a violation of freedom of speech. We can’t save them by talking because they’re ORDERED to cease all communications. All we can do is to destroy their ships until they start listening!

Ore and mineral markets are suffering. People are poor while hateful high-sov slavers are getting rich. WE NEED TO STOP THIS! Ganking own corp members for being in the wrong belt is too much!

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You guys do realize that you don’t need to justify ganking to anyone, and as much as I’m trying to appreciate this wonderful post, I can’t help but be annoyed at the wording. But you know what, sure, why the hell not. You guys have your fun, I won’t try to stop you.


I’m not the savior type, really. Plus I’m no guarantor of freedoms in high-sovernity. Not my department.

I understand that mining vessels are already prime targets all over New Eden anyway so besides overkill I don’t see what #SaveMike would accomplish.

Capsuleers in any corporation are required to cooperate with their corpmates and execute orders as they receive them. That isn’t unique to nullbear or whbears corporations. ALL corporations work that way. Otherwise it would be chaos.

There is no freedom of speech in New Eden. The phrases “Calm down miner” and “Calm down ganker” have taken care of any freedom of speech one may have aspired to at some point.

That’s been going on for 20 years. Ship destruction isn’t a new phenomenon in EvE.

It’s okay, the market capitalists experts tell us that markets correct themselves so there isn’t anything to worry about.

That’s been the plan since, like, for ever.

What’s with the we stuff?!?

Perfect demonstration of Sandbox.

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Finally, something interesting to read.

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Calm down miner!
It has become to this. There is no other way than overkill. CCP Sovernity has lost it’s multiplayer content due to content counter play.

Denying someone from chatting isn’t right!
Putting this kind of REQUIREMENT on members is wrong. This is typing PVP and needs a nerf.
Chatting meta in multiplayer is unbalanced! #SaveMike

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We are glad you’re finding this interesting and appreciate the support.

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See? I told you :woman_shrugging:

I agree with that! Nuke 'em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Sounds like a big problem. We must consult the Ganking Oracle.
“Git Gud” she repeats in a drug-induced trance, “Git Gud.”

Tic-Tok has to go.

If they can do it, it isn’t “wrong”. Stealing isn’t wrong in New Eden. Only Botting is punished.

Another nerf?!? If that continues the game will be reduced a Market Simulator.

You got me there. I don’t understand “meta”. It means nothing to me.
You say it it’s unbalanced. I believe you.

If it’s @Mike_Azariah we’re talking about then by all means, #SaveMike! #SaveMagicSchoolBus


Unfortunately it isn’t this said Mike. But #SaveMike doesn’t really mean Mike.
Mike just has become the idol for the movement after obeying hes slaver master.
Mike had rought bot-syndromes. Yes all bots need to go! This is one of the #SaveMike movements goals. As you read through the post take notice that the said Mike is mentioned with all of hes bot-alts.

What do you mean with stealing? No one was stealing anything.
Citizen’s Star Slavers ordered miners to activate their mining bots on a certain asteroid belt and the bots malfunctioned causing them to warp on a wrong belt. Citizen’s Star Slavers, or rather if the proof is correct, the CEO Keila Marshall received the memo and ordered the bots to be exterminated and re-send to the right coordinates.


Now that you have illuminated me on the issue I cannot but concur with you.


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That was a general statement. Stealing is permitted in New Eden.

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‘Save Mike’

Mike is doing just fine…



We are worried about Mike. #SaveMike


Negative. “Mike” isn’t doing fine. Everyone spits on him.
And it’s not “Mike” ok? It’s Mic. Get it right.

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Please break it down simple for me, I’m old and tired. Who is the bad guy I need to be shooting?

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