Alert concord police button? needed? gankers beware!

I was wondering why the cops can’t be called?

like a 911 for EVE.

Help I’m being attacked by some ***hat with a lack of respect, please come destroy them!!

911 button.

It’s already automatically pressed any time
a criminal act occurs and CONCORD arrive faster than any police force.


If you’re in low, CONCORD ain’t coming.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:

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I’m 100% for this.

Players can press a button, and concord will show up between 6 and 25 seconds of them pressing the button, depending on system security status and concord pull status. However, concord doesn’t begin to respond until players press the button.

This is a great idea. Love it. +1 +1 +1


The downside is that this would be a buff to gankers looting capabilities, as any gankers not destroyed by CONCORD when the target dies, would be able to loot and ferry into the DST, etc. from their catalysts, rather than having to bring in an additional character.

Since you can’t loot while in a pod, the auto-response of CONCORD adds an additional requirement on the ganker.

I’m not sure that’s a buff that’s warranted.

Yeah, Poe’s law :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, concord times are already between 6 and 25 seconds, but automatic. So, keeping the same times, but requiring that players press a button before they respond would be a straight buff to gankers.

And yeah, I was messing around because it was yet another nerf-ganking/buff me thread. I don’t think that ganking needs nerfs, or players need more tools to be able to deal with ganking. What they need is to learn how to use the tools that already have.

To OP:
Speaking of which, if you want to learn how to reduce your chances of being ganked to damn near zero, check out the how to not be ganker bait section of this thread.

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So you are willing to pay CONCORD bills if you are not attacked, or do you just want a free escort? Because if you are attacked, they are already called, but if you are atttacked lawfully (perhaps because you’re at war or blinky), they don’t bother at all, even if they’re already on grid.

CONCORD already responds within seconds - with 100% accuracy - against anybody who activates any sort of offensive module on anybody in highsec space and blows them up 100% guaranteed…and you want more? Good Bob, man, what more do you want?!

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