CONCORD Panic Button for player controlled ships/stations in HiSec

Before the big changes in Eve this past year(ish) I posted an idea about changing how CONCORD responds to aggression where they are not present when a criminal attack begins in HiSec. The original thread can be found by searching for “PANIC Button Bait’er”.

Concept is for use on player ships only. How to hamper bots or detect bots using this concept could be coded in. This function would only be for systems where CONCORD is present, mainly HiSec space. Suggest that structures automatically summon CONCORD.

This would be make CONCORD reaction a little more like a 911 call where CONCORD no longer automatically responds to aggression where a player is tagged criminal at locations away from gates or npc stations in HiSec space unless called for by the attacked player(s) involved in the action.

Add a red panic button icon to the ship system display that, when used by the pilot of the ship, summons CONCORD once an attack where the aggressor is tagged criminal has been commenced and the player whose ship is being attacked pushes the shiny red button to summon help.

Lack of pressing the button would imply consent or negligence on the part of the attacked player. All other aspects of the aggression mechanics game could stay the same such as gate and station temporary lockout/loss of security status and being attacked by CONCORD if the attacker lands on grid with CONCORD while under the criminal timer etc.

Other than not responding to the attack unless summoned all the mechanics of how CONCORD functions could remain the same such as; time to respond based on system security status, off grid scram once response is initiated (though it would be nice to see that go away), reduction in the criminally active pilot’s security status and so on.

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It’d be better for the game (and CCP’s sanity) if you just used a Procurer to mine instead of… whatever this garbage is.

Oh look, this idea again.
So in the middle of being attacked and trying to avoid dying they ALSO have to deal with calling CONCORD.
Called away for 30 seconds, Dead for free.
Faked out with a conversation window in discord. Dead for free.
Edit: Not to mention utterly lore inconsistent with the fact you get Concorded for other actions attacking objects in space as well.
There is a reason this is in the bad ideas thread.

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Even better idea: Don’t implement something a throw-away character can use to draw CONCORD away from your actual gank.

Though it would be funny if a player getting ganked hammers that red button and gets a nice melody playing while a voice actor says something like: “We are sorry, all CONCORD-units are currently deployed. Please wait.” :laughing:

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The mechanism is meant to only call CONCORD if used while being attacked - not being attacked CONCORD doesn’t respond.

There is a tactic used by gankers where they use an alt to spawn CONCORD as far from the target in the system anyhow, this doesn’t change that one way or the other.

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The main idea behind this is to stop CONCORD from protecting botters.

If you’re at the keyboard paying attention to the game you likely won’t need to press the button because you can either avoid the gank or take care of yourself. If you see it coming and cannot avoid the gank you can be calling CONCORD while your ship try’s to warp away. If you’re afk not having the panic button likely won’t save your ship anyhow.

So theoretically it shouldn’t negatively affect anyone who is reasonably good at not dying in the game and allow for botters to be whacked more effectively.

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So you somehow think a bot can’t detect a PvP timer appearing on the screen in a known location and press a button that appears in the same location every time?

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Also if it were this easy to fight bots, you could just spare yourself a lot of work and just switch off CONCORD entirely.

But uh oh, there are botters in NullSec, too: I guess you forgot.

You got to appreciate how when people’s inital whinings were shown to be poorly thought out, without even so much as a “good point” they just pivot to the next whine. (slow clap)

No. How many times to you need to be told the EXACT same thing. Botters in nullsec are NOT protected by Concord. Go kill them yourself and see. The idea is meant to remove Concord protection for botters, NOT to end botting everywhere. No Concord in nullsec. I guess you forgot.

Maybe instead of that sort of negative whining, you could have suggested a button that changes its location randomly?

Yeah, eventually that will be cracked as well, just like everything up to now got cracked allowing botters to operate. Since botters are always going to find exploits, programmers are going to have to always make changes. This could be one of the many necessary ones to come.

Perhaps a twist on the idea is the ability to take a standings/ISK hit with CONCORD to summon CONCORD pre-emptively if you have high standings with them. Obviously put it on a cooldown timer.

A triggered CONCORD (heh) would just warp in and sit for a bit, but this could really help the response time once someone commits a criminal act. Imagine being in a pretty expensive ship, having just jumped through a gate with 30 catalysts on the other side waiting for your expensive ship to decloak. May be a way to help discourage camping gankers, as CONCORD could hang around for a bit afterwards and force the gankers to relocate.

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And what about a ship on autopilot?

We can think using it is bad, but it’s still a legitimate feature of the game and does get used quite a bit in highsec. If CONCORD needs a 112/911/000 call, that effectively eliminates a feature of the game. Why?

Yeah, I think this is really valid criticism. That, and I think that people would grief new players who aren’t fully aware of the mechanics.

Maybe if you had a negative security status, only then it may make sense for CONCORD to turn a blind eye to someone attacking you, but that still feels like a stretch for me.

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