Algorithm matchmaking for finding pvp content

drug/implant that will make you highly instinctual/lucky but also unpredictable/aggressive, you get into random arguments/drama with people around you that will lead to pvp engagement opportunity where you get opportunity to scram/point each other. However only other people under the influence of same drug/implant can be matched with you. algorithm takes into account current position, current ship, current fit, size of the fleet you are in etc.

there is an opportunity for story telling here that could be weaved into lore, or perhaps weaved into a pve event that exists short time window

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Matchmaking doesn’t work in a lot of games, let alone an open sandbox like eve.

It’s just hugely complex to have to take into account all the factors. The ones you have listed are the tip of the ice berg.

How are people going to find eachother when they have to be in the same fleet size, same ship type, same place, same fit etc etc. Even with simpler match making, a bigger population and instances and teleportation other games take ages to find matches. In eve it’s going to take forever.

And that’s assuming matchmaking really belongs in an open pvp sandbox like eve, which it really doesn’t.

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what i had in mind was a rare loot drop (drug/implant) that would also be pretty darn expensive on the market too. In other words it would be even harder to get this pvp content even if you didnt take the current state of matchmaking into account

Why should I ever jump into an PvP encounter I have no control about?


That’s my point. It’s going to take forever to find a match.

Abyss filaments ment for pvp only :]

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