Algos nerf?

Just a thought on the Algos ship… drop one mid slot and add 50m3 to cargo.

Not that anyone uses them…

Seems like this should be in Features & Ideas.

But, out of curiosity, what do you mean by “not that anyone uses them”? The midslots, or the Algos?

What is your reasoning behind dropping a mid in exchange for what seems like a really meager amount of cargo space?

That’s my question as well. The Algos is one of my favorite ships I enjoy flying. Sure the Vexor’s are more efficient when it comes to ratting with drones but the Algos is a great little drone boat and looks like a mini-battlestar.


Now ill always see the Galactica when i fly it XD

The algos is my favorite destroyer, the mids are already tight enough as it is where you cant fit a terribly big tank on it.

And why the cargo? O.o

He want new salvage boat instead of catalyst. Thats why more cargo and less mid slots.

Terrible idea. Leave the Algos alone.

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More of a cross between a lancaster bomber fuselage and the Galactica to me :smiley:

Leave the algos alone, it’s pretty much a perfect starter boat for drone pilots to learn in. It’ll always be one of my favourite ships and I may even have to upgrade my Zulu to a magus just because it deserves it.


Fit cargo expanders :stuck_out_tongue:

it was just nerfed in Oct/Nov

The Algos is fine as is.

And some of us do use the midslots. I know I use it for a all purpose exploration ship when I dont want to take my Sunsis out.

My guess… He is either using a fit with cap boosters and needs more room, or wants to fit cargo and a mobile depot.

That said, sacrificing a mid for cargo room seems foolish, at least as a permenamt request. However, having a mid slot item that increases cargo capacity at the cost of a mid slot and maybe increasing Sig radius or some other drawback, I could support. This way using it would be optional and additional ships could use it.

Nah. leave the Intergalactic Lancaster alone


The original poster listed 0 reasons to backup his request. Reeuest denied. :face_with_monocle:

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Oh? What was the nerf?

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