Mach - Looks like a nerf but is it?

So - low +mid and - 25% Range modification.

Other buffs that apply +25% cargo space and locking range. Cargo = cap boosters.

How can the mach use this with its new setup as it guns don’t require cap. Is it now some sort of utility ship?

How will you be fitting your mach now?

I’ll still be using it to bump the ever loving bajeezus out of freighters and orcas…


You use it for anything else?

There’s another use for a Mach?



It’s not a nerf… It’s a trap!


I dont think the nerf will make the mach useless, though I think it will push the rattle further ahead

It’s not a nerf at all, its just to shake up the ships usage because they’re stupidly overused in all areas of space. This change makes it a little less viable for large fleet engagements (can get the same armor tank as before, just without the gyro) or you can go with a shield fit which does much more dps but with less tank.

Mach is 1 of my 2 favorite ships (#Vindi4lyfe) and I used a tracking enhancer in the low, so I’ll just add a tracking comp in the mid instead. Doesn’t actually change anything for me, really.

I’m not terribly pleased with the PvP side of things though, because it kind brings it in line with the Mael for alpha fleets. And while I love me some boomstick, the Mach should definitely be a step up because of increased skill requirement.

QuakeGod, you’re a bad person. :stuck_out_tongue: Them freighter pilots just want to get their work done and go home to their freighter family. XD

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Smartbombing lowsec exits due to the model size, to name but one

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it’s a freaking nerf - there is no other word for it. I can’t believe that they find some fleet in 00 and change the ships around just to make it “fair”. ■■■■ that nerf. Fozzy is from now on known as Bad News Fozzy

Lemme guess, nullbear angry that he has to go out and buy a new doctrine ship? HTFU, machariels are stupidly overused as heavy armor fleet ships when the whole angel cartel style is more towards fast moving shield skirmishing.

Also in terms of big coalitions, it isnt really much of a nerf, majority of groups run a single gyro on their mach fits, all they gotta do is just fit it without the gyro and retain the same armor tank just with extra midslot utility. I doubt the damage decrease will matter with 200 arty machs in fleet.

armor machs are less viable now, but shield machs are in a better place imo

Mach and Cheese…


1 box Kraft Maccaronni and Cheese
Pinch of Salt

Cook according to the directions on the box… badda boom, badda bang.

Wait, what if theres less cheese… that pretty much covers it. Still has a similiar taste - just less cheesy!!!

With the C3-X modules, a RHML-sentry Rattlesnake makes a nice blitzing alternative (1200+ DPS @60km). A 5.35 AU/s warp speed and <8s align (while still less than a Machariel) is nothing to shake your head at, either. And that’s real DPS (not paper DPS where you lose half to falloff) along with a solid active or passive tank setup.

It’s still a significant nerf, though. The slot layout is easy to adapt to but you can’t offset the hit to falloff even with implants or Faction modules. Which is too bad - as I really like the Machariel.

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It makes a pretty cool super cruiser now. It can build a nice shield tank, moves faster then some cruisers, Dishes out really solid damage numbers, and still has some cool armor utility fits. I think the change will make for some great Machariels in small gangs.

Going to try lots of different things with them, and if the price takes a hit that is just a good thing.

You can arm a mach?


So what happened , did the doctrines change? Are machs now 300mil only? Did the nerf achieve it’s intended purpose?

Not really. But they’re around 500m ISK now.

considering the claimed purpose was mostly just “to see what happens” i guess so