Alias , Achievement Title, and Leaderboard display

Implementation :
Alias will be displayed instead of your name in space.
Titles will be displayed below your name in space.
Both will be new columns in overview. (Your real name will still be visible in overview)
Both will be displayed in manufacturing name stamps where name stamps are applicable.
Both will be used in mission dialogs instead of name where possible.
Both will be accessible via character sheet for selection.
Only one of each can be displayed at any given time.

Alias - Ability to display alias name of your choice via faction standings. You have one chances to set your alias, once when you hit +10 standing.
– Number of alias is limited to number of factions in game.
– Alias will be prefixed by the faction banners.
– Aliases must be unique in game.
– If your standing with the respective factions drop between 5.0 to -5.0, your alias with the faction will be wiped.

Null sec alias :
– Once set can access forever.
– Reset upon character sale.
– Available to alliance leaders by default.
– Available to pilots with +10 or -10 personal standings to over 1,000 omega players.

Titles - ability to display certain achievement milestones.

  • fixed milestones associated with certificates, ingame events, etc.,.
  • dynamic milestones associated with top/bottom 3, top/bottom 10, and top/bottom 100 rankings such as “Galactic Tycoon”, or “3rd Deadliest” , or “Drug Lord”, or “King Pin”. These are re-calculated every month.
  • pseudo dynamic milestones such as (current/ex) CSM member.

The ability to earn titles and achievements will likely motivate some players, but I got give a hard no to aliases and titles being used in brackets and the overview. I don’t need useless information cluttering up my hud. If this was implemented, my first step would be to remove aliases and titles from brackets and the overview.

Shipwreck Jones [Blump] <PooP< 2 (Taserface) 2 {Doer of Things} |A Piece of the P.I.| @Epithal@

Hard no to both.

Achievements already exist in the form of FW promotions, Activity Tracker, and player-made medals (which is a very poorly implemented feature that is also underutilized probably due to poor implementation and uselessness and waste of 5m ISK). The game does not need other forms of achievements: this is not interesting, does not enhance the game experience (not even RP-wise), and expends precious CCP manpower that could be used on other things. Admittedly, FW medals could be displayed in the Character decorations tab alongside player medals, but that’s really about it.

And we don’t need aliases other than the ability to name a Ship whatever you want - that makes things confusing (actual name + ship name + alias???) and spams the display + overview with unnecessary information (it would be a never-used column for starters).

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