All I want for Christmas is

  1. A “Clean Ship” button on the station menu.
  2. A way to salute another pilot with a wing dip (a text output will do if graphics wouldn’t work).
  3. Forum peace and good will.

Why can’t you just write it?

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Wouldn’t it be nicer if I didn’t need to because there was a hotkey or / command for it.

“Nicer” is not ever a reason, an argument, a point or a justification for anything at all. You’re just being lazy and don’t really care, because if you actually did care then you would be writing it yourself.


but space dirt is a sign of respect and experience!

They do say redheads are feisty.

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Just shoot them in the face with a snowball or firework as a form of salute. :wink:


There’s no reason to argue the item, it’s what I said I wanted for Christmas. Your list will vary :heart:

I understand now. :slight_smile:

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