All registered forum users up until *now*, of all trust levels

7megs compressed, 37megs uncompressed. Raw text.

File EVEForumMembers0.txt contains two “members” blocks, because the server doesn’t seem to be fond of me requesting all 85535 registered forum members at once. The two blocks …


… are seperated by a NewLine.

This is the RAW data as can be pulled via the forums’ discord API.

Let me know if you can use this for something. :slight_smile:

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Why ?

What ?

idk but I got an award for reading so I feel special


Why did you decide to collect and publish this information ? It obviously took time and effort, what do you perceive to be the benefits of this exercise ?

Just as an offhand example, it might allow a person to develop a tool to automatically check the quality of votes in polls by evaluating statistics such as the user’s age and post count. You could filter out votes that meet your standard of legitimacy and focus your superior human intellect on vetting votes likely to be fraudulent.

The objective, though, is probably exactly what it says on the tin. Information compiled and provided for the benefit of anyone who wants to use it for any purpose they can come up with.


Hm. Time and effort. Kind of. I just used the browser and copypasted.
The hardest part was figuring out how to get that data and, apparently, discourse offers everything in a relatively convinient matter.

Jason (json) pisses me off, though, and I really hate him.

Tell you what, requesting 80k users in a single page made the server process,
which handled my request,
go bye bye. :slight_smile:

The hardest part was figuring out how discourse works. Still not through with that. I refused to use a library of some sorts, because I’m a back-to-the-roots assembly coding badass who works close to the metal I’m an idiot sometimes.

Well, I did it, because I have it. There’s no reason not to make stuff public to save people some time if they ever find a reason for this. It’s an “open source” thing to do. I’m not actually one of those guys, but I respect the fact that, when you use other people’s stuff it’s just fair to give back to the community.

So I give this back. Just like I gave the “wars” back for everyone to use the data for whatever reason. There’s not necessarily a deeper thought behind it. I don’t care about “benefits” at all.

It’s a part of the “bigger picture” way of thinking, where you know that whatever you share can cause other people to share it, which can end up in hands that really have interesting uses for it. Everyone benefits that way.

If it really that much flabbergasts you, then I must insist you try doing something and just sharing it with a wider audience. In general, if there’s just one guy who has some use for whatever-it-is, then it’s a win.

Don’t do porn, though. : - )

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Who said anything about flabbergasting ? I just wondered why you’d done it, that’s all.

Yeah and I’m wondering why you’re wondering, so there was a double-wondering that turned into a flabbergasting. :blush:

Any special wishes in regards to the forums?

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You make that sound somehow perverted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only that I’d be happy if certain prolific posters (not you, I hasten to add) went away for good.

Send me a list via eve mail.
Disclaimer: i can’t make people stop.
Send it anyway.


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