All Sold - WTS Various Supers / Carriers / Rorquals / JFs

Following a recent relocation, I have a variety of Supers, Carriers and Rorqs located in low sec for sale for fair prices. If you are interested in buying any, drop me a message in game or reply on this thread. I am open to offers on prices but don’t offer stupidly low :smiley: (evepraisal super prices can be stupidly low for example).

Note: Don’t think that just because I’m relocating I am desperate to sell them for 50% off. I’m quite happy to leave these lying around until they sell.

Aeon - T2 Trimarks - 14 Bil Offer Accepted. Sold.

Ratting Hel - T2 Rigs - 14 bil - Sold

Thanatos - T1 Trimarks - 1 bil - Sold

Ratting Thanatos - 1 bil - Sold

Weird Thanatos - 1 bil - Sold

Rorqual 1 - Sold

Rorqual 2 - Sold

Ark - 9 bil - Sold

Anshar - 9 bil - Sold

Edit: They are in Maila. I ain’t moving them from there for the sale.

I take both Rorquals, thanks.

Hey, thanks for the interest. Please message me in game from the Character that you would like to complete the contract with and I can set things up!

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