All the FAX are fugly

Please can you just remodel all the fax. I don’t want to fly them because they are all ugly as sin. Actually I take that back, The sin is Lush in comparison. The Gal one looks like a Turd. The Caldari one is an ornate fax machine and Lets not discuss the Minmatar. Oh and the Amarr seem to have borrowed something from 40K and should give it right freaking back,

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Don’t you be talking bad about my glorious jumpy space potato.

Nah, that being said, I don’t mind the model’s for the FAXes… I just hate how they’ve been implemented at their role. Their models ARE too large though, definitely.



We didn’t borrow it. We took it by force. Amarr raaaahrrrrr.

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Isn’t it time that the other three races stand up to and remove The Amarr from the Universe? I thought slavery was outlawed in the 1800s.

Driven by religion, the Amarr have been known for their massive expansion and their efforts to enslave the states that were conquered along the way.


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I’m not that well known with EVE lore, but are you talking about ancient history of a time before interstellar travel which happened thousands of years ago, as if their primitive morals are relevant for capsuleers today?

If you wish to abolish slavery, go kill Amarrians today.

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No, no, I don’t think so. :slightly_smiling_face:

You left out the part where the Amarr tempered their expansionist enthusiasm after both the Jove and the Minmatar kicked their backsides.

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The Amarrians biggest crime is not drinking tea. If you’re gonnna do the whole colonial empire thing, at least make a tea kettle standard issue on all your ships. Not like you would need a brew stand as I’m sure those laser banks get plenty hot.

Not nearly decadent enough. Absinthe is the way to go.

Serving only earl grey

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90% of eve ships are ugly.

Drake would disagree

With the Malagrin Marshlight skin?

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its a cultural thing
you guys call slavery
i call
the minmatar needs some advice …

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