All the multibox gankers has got silly

cmon ccp, seriously now we seeing literally lots of multiboxing gank characters just using sisi as a way to stroke some ego rather than any real fun testing…

lets just stop this shall we

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How does ganking on the test server work? How do they even find you? You can teleport around to all sorts of places to get away from them.

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I doubt they’re trying to stroke their ego. I’d consider it more likely that they are testing out and practicing multiboxing ganking before they start doing it on TQ.

Anyway, non-consensual PvP outside of the designated areas is supposed to be against the rules, but CCP doesn’t seem to do anything about it. Some have asserted that this rule only applies during mass tests, but I don’t know. Wish CCP would clarify their rules or enforce them. Regardless, you could try reporting them. Who knows, maybe CCP will actually take action if people keep pestering them.

I think he means the endless zirnitra bombs in the only pvp-legal system, M-OEE8. Its intentionally a pvp free for all system but now its just Zirnitras Online.

That is correct. Non-consensual pvp only occurs during mass test.

well is that a balance issue or a result of Z’s being disgustingly OP?
When a dreadnaught is basically a mini titan, there might be an issue.

This is fine.

Its because of Zirnitra’s DPS being OP as ■■■■. For starters, CCP buffed their DPS by 150% a few months ago, putting its DPS slightly above other dreads just to start. Then theres also Mimesis which is where the real insanity begins. A Zirnitra with HG Mimesis and just 3 entropic sinks can hit 60K DPS at its peak, or around 25K DPS to start iirc. Their DPS just eclipses dreads, or even supercarriers, and it doesnt take much spool to beat a titan DPS-wise. There literally does not exist a ship that can output more DPS than the Zirnitra afaik. And on sisi, zirnitras are seeded but supers/titans are not, so everyone uses zirnitras cuz their only downside to supers or titans is not having large buffer tanks.

Just go in any other system?
They are only allowed to attack you in a single system, so just test somewhere else.

That is NOT correct:


And until they change it here, this is the rules. Even if a Dev tells you so inside the game.

And yes, they do not enforce it.

On Mass-test the rule is extended to M-OEE8 so the test can be performed.

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Can’t be confirmed due to the no posting private message rule, but someone received a message from a GM said that rule only applies during mass testing

yes, it is. i have been dealing with this issue for years now. i have spoken to many ccp devs, gm’s and isd’s about it. what it boils down to is they dont really care what you do when you are on the test server, as long as you dont interfere with the mass test or create server instability.
for the 1 millionth time, the test server isnt here for you or me or the other dude. its here for ccp to test new features with live players before they go live on tq.
there is no such thing as non-consensual pvp except for the mass test.
but by all means keep whining, keep crying, no one cares about your feelings.
besides, the mass test NEVER happens in m-o its always a system away from m-o.
m-o is the combat system, full stop, do not pass go do not collect $200 pvp is always consensual, just like TQ

In other words the rule is not enforced. It used to be, and probably took a lot of effort to do so. The rule exists, it is visible on an official web page, there’s just no cops around.

1,000,000+1 reply: It’s a two way-thing. They give us access to a test server, provided we behave and follow the rules (see higher, lol), where we can test whatever comes to mind. The payoff for ccp is that we report bugs when we find them, participate in mass testing and allow the devs to gather the necessary (performance and other) data, and give them feedback on new features made available (like the upcoming fleet formations). If the test server were only there to use for mass testing, they might as well limit access to those times. In reality they ask us to test stuff for them outside of mass testing. We’re useful, apparently. Not always listened to, mind you, but still useful.