Allow Alpha Clones to Reconfigure their Skills

One way to retain Alpha Clones and attract new Alpha Clone Capsuleers is too allow Alpha Clones to reconfigure their skills.

For example if an Alpha Clone really didn’t need or want to train to use Target Painters they could reconfigure Electronic Systems by using a special Electronic Systems Skill Reconfiguration Extractor to take the three training points from Target Painting and then apply the training points to Cloaking.

The drawback would be that for every two training points reconfigured from Target Painting to Cloaking only one training point for Cloaking would be available leaving a single training point for Target Painting.

Another drawback would be that you could only reconfigure a Skill Set once every six months and once a skill has been reconfigured it could not be reconfigured any further.

Reconfiguration Extractor wouldn’t be cheap either costing anywhere from 350,000 million to 400,000 mil ISK or the equivalent in AUR.

Before the Omega Clones get all bent out of shape I would like to take this time to deliver, on behalf of The Zombie Torpedo Squad to you, another salvo of Faction Tear Torpedoes. Our Faction Tear Torpedoes are a one of kind type of torpedo made possible by you, the Tear Bear. It is my sincere hopes The Zombie Torpedo Squad has delivered our special munitions to your access hatch in a timely and professional manner. Once again The Zombie Torpedo Squad thanks you for your patronage and we look forward to serving you more Faction Tear Torpedoes in the future.

Do you envision an SP cap under which this option is available? Because I could see Omegas lapsing their accounts to rearrange some stuff before resubbing, especially giveb the newly expanded skillset available to Alphas.

Also, it’d have to be a PLEX service since Aurum is no longer used.

“… equivalent in AUR…”

Someone fuck their hibernation clock up or what? Just nuke attributes from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure

The initial post is rather weird and feels automated, with “350,000 million” and the mentioning of AUR (what year is it?), not to forget the last paragraph, which feels like an advertisement.

I feel confident that CCP’s response to this will be no.

May the OPs tear torpedoes hit him squarely and he score an own goal.

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The last part is def. copy pasted. Prolly some sort of bot from 2008. It sure talks like it.

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