Allow alphas to train select omega skills with PLEX

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Absolutely no pay your 15 bucks a month if you’re not here to put a long the skill in And trust me you’ll be happier in the long run because I wish that I would have stayed a mega put longer skills in every month because I’m way behind the curve of where I could have been I took a couple months break myself I’ve been where you’re at right now you’re in a burnout fade because real life happens

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(The Voice) #63

You already can and it cost 500 plex

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(Tonto Auri) #64

It will be same as “activate Omega for an hour”.
Just no.

(Solstice Projekt) #65

This doesn’t apply to EVE online at all and no one needs lvlV for anything or everything, despite what the rather dim witted keep talking about when they see themselves unable to compete with veterans.

You treat your characters like they’re tools, seperating yourself from the game world, turning it into an arcade. The upside in having one character for everything is commitment and actually not dividing your game into seperate mini-games.

Another downside is that it makes the game significantly easier, which in 99% of all cases directly translates into “significantly more boring”.

(Jazzmyn) #66

+1 to OP about new idea. Would this idea work is just a matter of pricing. If you want to make one skill to be indefinately used also as Alpha it could cost for example 500 PLEX per skill (it doesnt matter if the skill is full trained or not). And if the skill has prerequisites they each cost 500 PLEX too to make permanent too and you have pay for them first ofcourse.

So if someone wants to use for example 50 skills forever that costs 25.000 PLEX, now thats alot!

If someone wants to use all their 400 skills forever then that would cost 200.000 PLEX, in other words the cost would be sooo high only rare people would ever do that, but it would be nice to have as an option.

Also with this system you wouldn’t have to subscribe cyno alts etc. other low amount of skill using characters because you can just make those 10 skills that you need permanent and that would cost you 5000 PLEX which is like 19 billlion ISK at current prices.

I am not sure this is realy groundbreaking idea OP is suggesting but it could be 100% doable and alternative for subscription if price for making skills permanently available is set high enough.

(Roland Schlosser) #67

EVE has PLEX. Either pay $15 for a sub, or $20 for a PLEX.

CCP would lose their major revenue stream, and even if new player paying for specific skills made up for a portion of the the loss, it would encourage a more ephemeral play style enjoyed by the casual crowd. We all know they don’t stick around for 15+ years.

EVE isn’t fortnight, and shouldn’t endeavor to be so. If you want instant gratification, you came to the wrong place.

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I wouldnt be against the idea of implementing a dance for my avatar.