Allow for onlined modules to take effect on multi-fitted, non-piloted ships

Basically, I’m trying to multifit a bunch of Magnates that are packed with 3200s to serve as a cargo container for my battleships.

The Magnate by default only has a 400m3 cargohold. You can get that up to 1,000m3 with 4 Expanders, letting you carry up to 11 Navy 3200s for your battleship.

Only problem is, you can’t multifit this. Since the Cargohold Expanders are onlined, but don’t actually take effect until you board the ship, the cargohold is treated as the default 400m3 and it fails to try and load all 11 Navy 3200s.

This means I need to hop into each and every Magnate in order to make the Expanders take effect, and then throw in the 3200s.

This is probably because modules that are fitted to the ship are online, but don’t actually take effect if the ship is not actively piloted. The same can be seen when players destroy ejected ships that are fitted with onlined tank modules, but don’t gain the increased health bonuses.. Players have done tests with ejected ships, like these two unpiloted Nestors, one with rigs and the other without, but both dying after receiving the same amount of damage.

I can see that there may be additional impacts down the line if we just blanket allow fitted modules to provide bonuses to non-piloted ships (for example, that Nestor above gaining additional health bonuses with the rigs). So I’m not really sure how this could be implemented easily.

Perhaps changing the Multi-fit logic to “pretend” as if a pilot is sitting in it for the purposes of fitting the ship, this way we can avoid the potential impacts in other cases (such as ejecting an unpiloted ship into space). I don’t know how the Multi-fit system works, so I’m not too certain on that.

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Traditionally speaking, CCP has taken steps to actively avoid the use of ships as cargo containers in the way you’re describing. If you’re going to try to do it anyways, chances are pretty good that they’re not going to make it any easier for you.


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