Allow unlimited amount of jobs

When you do multiple manufacturing/copying/etc operations there is sometimes annoying job length like 5 hours or 13 hours.
Usually it happens when manufacturing cheap T2. You have hundreds or thousands 10 runs BPC after inventing and need to start manufacturing jobs every 5 or 13 hours.
No living person can effectively combine this with real life. Which means persons with no life or lifeless entities have huge advantages.

There is simple solution for this problem:

  1. allow jobs to start in future.
  2. the whole amount of jobs is unlimited (has separate limit e.g. 100-200-500)
  3. amount of started and not finished jobs should obey current skill restriction.

I dont think uncapped amount of jobs is the solution.

But I produce T2 drones, the BPCs come in runs of 10, which is about 2.5h queue and that is a bitch to make.

So what I’d agree with is - the opportunity to queue jobs in a row, while not surpassing bandwidth.

E.g. I can do 9 jobs at a time, but have 27 Hammerhead II BPCs for 10 runs each. I can queue up all 27, but only 9 will manufacture at a time, increasing the queue from 2.5h to 7.5h.

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A possible alternative would be to allow splitting/merging of BPCs with identical statistics. Not the same thing, I know, but another tack to take to mitigate the same problem.

Capped job slots are deliberate, to stop a single manufacturer from controlling all the markets.
BPC runs could use looking at, or perhaps the whole process of invention could use a rethink.

Unlimited slots is probably a very bad idea.

As said, some way of combining BPCs is probably a better way to go.

One way to do this could after invention, combining several BPCs into one bigger one with the same ME/TE but more runs.

Another way could be during invention in effect saying ‘take all succesful runs from X invention runs and combine them into one output BPC’ and do that Y times. For a big job this would likely produce several different-sized ‘combiner’ BPCs.


Sorry, I just don’t see this as a problem, in fact I think it is a good thing, manufacturing is already a semi-afk activity, lets not make it a once a month login.

-1 No.

bear in mind that combining BPCs, or allowing for queuing of jobs like you suggested, would lead to reduced margins on those short run products.

Because production would go up. Without a commensurate increase in demand.


There is one “good” thing about CCP they don’t care about such obvious consequences.
Manufacturing will be less annoying it’s enough.

I am sure CCP cares. Especially about spending time and effort to do things that would degrade the quality of their product.

I am no expert on such matters, but for the most part it seems to me that efficient production of these cheaper items, even if it makes them cheaper in the long term, wouldn’t have a negative effect on the economy as a whole. Items that benefit from this seem to be the cheap and disposable type and if they’re put to more frivolous use they would sink some quantity of material out of the component/mineral market.

However, I am not an economist or a behavioral analyst. My belief is that the effects of this would be relatively slight. While having a schlode of BPCs is an inconvenience for me, it is not something I can’t deal with, and I’m not opposed to leaving the market of those products to those who are willing to endure more tedium than I am.

In summary, this is a convenience I would appreciate for my own purposes, but not if it comes at the expense of the game economy or at the expense of a significant subset of players who do not have the means or motivation to maintain 100% uptime on their production slots. I do not think that would be the case, but better safe than sorry, so I appreciate any attempt to bring to light potential negative side effects, or to enlighten me if I have failed to consider or understand something.

‘s not a reason for changin’ anythin’. People puttin’ more time into their ■■■■ ain’t deservin’ bein’ punished by givin’ peeps like yaself an advantage over ‘em and that’s what ya’rr actually askin’ for. ■■■■ the haters who whine about how life’s ■■■■■■■ unfair for whatever ■■■■■■■ reason.

It is

Nah, it ain’t. “Because I want it” ain’t a reason. Ya feelin’ like a loser 'cause there’s better or worse losers out there really ain’t a reason either, mate. Maybe quit ya job?

Dumb, stupid idea…

And here is why…
Just little 'ol me and there are much bigger fish and more ancient fish than me…
Would be able to flood the 4-4 market just by myself, no corpies needed anymore.

Nope jobs need to be limited.

no corpies needed anymore.

after alpha clone and skill extractors introduction I can create almost unlimited amount of almost free accounts

so, I already don’t need corpies

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