Almost 3 years old proving grounds bug

A 5-6 second reaction to a change in the direction of the ship’s movement, this happens since polygons were added proving grounds, its not Internet connection problem, all other actions work without delay (drones, scramblers, repairs, etc.). It is encountered randomly, but if it is, then there will be a delay in changing direction for only a 15-minute timer.

A very annoying bug, which was reported a million times already on all possible places, zero reaction from the developers.


Thank gods, you recorded this on video, the developers will certainly fix it now :upside_down_face:

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I even had a more weird bug: In the 4 player FFA I ended up in an arena with only 3 players: Gustav_Mannfred - Twitch

It seems like some bugs we had in the old arena (which should come back btw) are still present in the new arenas. Like the delay between the last kill and the opening of the cache or the bug that gives PVP logoff timers when using burst jammers or smartbombs etc.

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