Alpha acc activities

with an alpha account and a destroyer what shooting activities can i possibly do except for security missions and pvp ?

explain with details on what that is exactly and what is required to do it

thanks in advance

Login. Remain in station. Spin.

Belt ratting. First, you warp between the asteroid belts and shoot the NPC’s that are there. You get money for it

what about anomalies and site exploration ?

Anomalies are basically the same as Belt Ratting, but you get to the “sites” by opening the Probe Scanner (ALT-P) and filter for “Anomalies”. You will see a list of (if any) available sites with a “Warp-to” icon to the right. Click the “Warp-To” to get to the site and kill any and all pirates, there is a small chance for a Faction spawn and/or Escalations to “Expeditions” which is Un/Rated DED sites a few jumps away. [Read here].

Exploration is not a common practice to do while flying a regular Destroyer, can still be done but has some limits, mostly done with Frigate, Tactical Destoyer (T3D), Cruiser or Strategic Cruiser (T3C). [Read here]

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