Alpha Amarr ship fit

Looking for a good amarr ship fit to start working towards as a fresh alpha. Any help would be greatly appreciated

What do you intend to do with it, PvE, PvP, industry? What size are you looking for, frigate, cruiser?

Mission running mainly and yea should’ve put that on there. And was looking for a bigger ship I think alpha can get to battleship now. Wanted something to work towards not necessarily fly quickly.

First, welcome to the shiny world of lasery goodness.

Alphas can indeed get battleships - however, a recent change makes it so alphas cannot accept a level4 mission (they could probably still do them if someone they were fleeted up with accepted the mission, but I’m not 100% sure on that). Something about a lot of alpha bots being used to farm lvl4 missions.

One thing about EvE is that bigger is not necessarily better. Many players actually prefer to fly the smaller ships despite playing EvE for many years simply because they are more fun for them. Battleships are fun, but not guaranteed to win over anything smaller.

Amarr ships are great, but often fairly powergrid and capacitor hungry with the lasers. Training up support skills are important for all ships in EvE, but the larger Amarr ships benefit from them quite a bit.

Amarr ships generally use laser weapons and some use a combo of lasers and drones. For the Tech 1 Amarr battleships, the Apocalypse is a popular pve gunboat due to it’s range bonus, the Abaddon is a slow but fairly tough gunboat (sometimes called “the golden brick”), and the Armageddon is a drone-laser ship with a drone bonus.

The Amarr battlecruiser line you might like. The Oracle is a gunboat that uses large (battleship-sized) lasers, the Harbinger uses mostly lasers with some drone, the Prophecy is a droneboat.

The sansha pirate faction ships, while not Amarr ships (actually in Amarr space pve you will find youself fighting against them often) and comparatively expensive, are fun to fly getting a bonus to afterburner speed.

Maybe this might be useful to you:


Yeah, what they said =)

Hopping straight into the seat of a Battleship isn’t going to mean anything if you can’t fit it properly or operate it properly to keep it alive.

Pick out a ship you’re interested in, and Show Info on it. Then look at the Requirements tab to see the skills needed to “sit” in the ship. Then look at the Mastery tab to see the skills needed to use it effectively. I personally aim for Mastery 4 on all the ships I fly, but you should at least try to get Mastery 1-2 before you commit to something.

Also, they say “don’t fly what you can’t afford to replace”. And if you’re brand new to the game, you probably can’t afford to buy a Battleship and fit it out, much less do it twice when the first one dies. So start out with small stuff you can afford and go from there.

Lastly, I always recommend new players go and join EVE University. They will teach you everything you need to know about the game.

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Yea I’ve played before just been a few years just looking for a fit to work towards

Fresh alpha, then the Punisher, good little tank and fit ability. Not the best weapon bonuses, but still good.

I still use them yet can use much larger and higher tech amarr ships. It cheap and easy to replace.

Train towards a beam maller and work around keeping range, then graduate to a harb then an apoc.

Ok, get motion tracking, trajectory and rapid fire trained at least to lvl3this will improve range, tracking and rof of beam.

Also get weapon upgrade to lvl5 and start of advanced weapon upgrade in engineering, these help reduce fitting requirements.

why amarr

buy vexor navy, it is not nerfed yet, (how much time do we have)

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