Need help with Apocalypse

My account is 6+ years old but Im still a nab. Ive quit more times than I can remember. Ive opened up my wallet now to progress.

I want to run lv 4 missions. Ive trained only turret masteries, all the way to large energy turrets.
Specialization is something I have yet to do, wont be able to use T2 guns for 24d until I finish the last lv on large energy turret mastery.

Many content regarding this subject is outdated. My biggest issue is choosing between pulse and laser beam. I would love if someone can share their build for Apo.

I have a more medium to long range playstyle, otherwise I would have picked abbadon for close range.

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Much better luck finding a fit in the PvE sub-forum.

Anyway, since you still need to skill up a bit, probably a good idea to pilot a Cruiser or Battlecruiser and run level 3 missions for a while, just to help get reacquainted with Eve again…

May you have much success and good luck…

Welcome back.

I’ve a long background flying Amarrian ships and use the Apocalypse (Apoc) for missions - though I’ve largely moved on to the Navy Apocalypse (NApoc) and a Paladin now.

Fittings in detail are always skill dependant, and the Apoc with large beam lasers can be a little tight. I’ve always gone down the Beam with Large Micro Jump Drive so I can hit things at range and keep at distance to ease the pressure on my armour repairer - you need to manage the capacitor.

So, best Large Beam lasers you can fit. Training a good level of Amarr Battleships helps: beam laser tracking is poor and the hull has a nice bonus to it.
Mid-slots: Large Micro Jump Drive, 100mn Afterburner (not used much but removes the pain of crawling to an acceleration gate or wreck). A tracking computer with both scripts as an option. Tracking because it helps, range because that translates to more damage using a shorter crystal. The final slot is something to help the capacitor - a recharger works nicely.
Low-slots: a couple of heatsinks - making things go away quickly is a good defence - then a good active tank. T2 large repairer, damage control, suitable hardeners/costings/membranes to bring up the resists. This makes life easier for the repairer to keep up with the damage. Change the resist modules depending on the mission - though a reactive hardener does work it does need capacitor.
Rigs: Semiconductor rigs and capacitor control rigs to help with the capacitor is where I’ve often gone.

Take Navy crystals - at least MF, Standard and some intermediates. Take a crystal that has an optimum the same as your target range so if you can lock it you can hit it.
Take light drones to hit small stuff that gets under your guns.

You’ll find you can shoot as far as you can lock targets. Work your way through the targets, watch your capacitor, use the LMJD to move 100km away to reduce the incoming damage and gain a chance to repair and let the capacitor recharge a bit. Without T2 weapons it’ll be a lot of plugging away ar targets, but she should serve you well and you can upgrade as you see fit.

Aside: the Abaddon with pulse lasers is a miserable experience as a mission ship. Capacitor hungry, slow, bit short on range. You’ll be chasing targets you can’t keep up with. Tried it once. Regretted it.

The NApoc is just “a better more powerful Apoc” - more firepower, better defence, better capacitor, bit expensive.
The Paladin is an optimised Level 4 mission slaughter machine. And a really long train an rather expensive.

A Tachyon fitted Nightmare is also worth s look, but requires good shield skills and Caldari Battleship Skills as well - and like the NApoc is an expensive hull.


Adding to the above post: there are 3 Amarr laser ships worth looking at, the others are a waste of time and effort: Navy Apoc, Nightmare, Paladin.

The Napoc and Nightmare are for more “normal” approach where you go go from gate to gate while face melting stuff. The Paladin is best used in a “MJD away and blap everything, then MJD onto the next gate” kind of tactic. Both the Nightmare and the Paladin are beasts, the Napoc is the (not so) poor man’s option.


Well Im not totaly naked as you can see. Ive upgraded some of the engenering, all important ones I think. What wep would you suggest as tier 1?

I can also show you my gunnery.

Thanks for the replies so far guys.

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I was a little worried that you were pushing into Level 4 missions with a limited set of the basic skills, but you’ll probably be fine - you’ve got a good base to build on.

Amarrian ships, because Energy Turrets basically convert your capacitor into the target’s pain need good capacitor skills. Because it’s only a 1x skill, then Capacitor Systems Operation is worth training to level V. So saying, I’d view Capacitor Management as a useful level V as well. With them both at V you’ll get another 7-8% of capacitor recharge on every hull you fly.

There’s a lot of commonality between how a railgun ship and a beam laser ship flies: both have tracking “issues”. But with the Beam Lasers, as generally with Energy Turrets, don’t go into the fall-off. Energy Turret fall-off is generally cliff-like. But on the upside, changing crystals and thus effective range, is near enough instant.

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I will upgrade those 2 system engen as well, after that V large energy turret and sharp shooter V for T2 weapons.

So which T2 beam weapon would you suggest?

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Mega Beam II if you can fit them. You’ll never fit Tachyons without a lot of compromises (that aren’t worth it in my opinion). Dual Heavy Beam II are an option, but you are trading range for tracking with them - which can be an advantage.,

Try Mega Modulated Energy Beam I as the interim before you finish training for the T2 Large Beams, the only drop off is you don’t get the benefits of the T2 Crystals and the specialist skill bonuses. On the upside, they are easier to fit!


That depends on the mission. Some missions are short range so you’ll use Mega Pulses, for other missions you’ll use Mega Beams on the Napoc and Tachyons on the Nightmare and Paladin.

Tachyons are love, Tachyons are life. They used to sound glorious but then CCP made them sound boring and flubble like wet noodles, you’ll have to do the pewpew sounds in your head.

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