Alpha Cruiser to run F1-2 filaments?

I have a Cerberus on the Omega, with RLM, it is a breeze to run F1 and F2 filaments.
But it has 90% thermal resistance, and others lower is 84%…
Lights range goes well over 80km thanks to its bonuses, so it’s possible to pop also far
away BS and cruisers, while AB for crates…
I got wrecking shots in my cerberus that on a lesser tank ships would have meant instapop…

But let’s talk Alpha for a minute.

T1 and Navies I tried fits can get almost 75% omni at most…
Choices for missile ships are:

T1 Caracal
Caracal Navy Issue
Osprey Navy issue

The Orthrus has the maximum 8.75 effective missile launchers of all the pack.
Gila best max DPS but drones in filaments are difficult to manage. No missile range as Caracal Navy.
Caracal and Osprey Navy and Orthrus shares max Missile range.
Caracal Navy 7.5 effective launcher. but no max velocity bonuses.
Osprey Navy 3 launchers, with dmg multiplier at max 100-125% that make 6-6.75 effective launchers.

Navy Osprey seems a nice alternative to the GIla.
DPS is similar to Caracal, but has far, far better tank, almost in pair with Gila.
Caracal Navy packs little less DPS than the Orthrus.
Gila without the drones has the same DPS of T1 Caracal.

Is this a question?

Well yes, based on experience, I checked and all of them are ok for F1, but as I never tried yet a F2, it is question wether they are a capable, being Alpha nerfed and with no access tto HAC’s.

The pod destrtuction is tuff, so except a T1 Caracal, one single loss could cost you well over 100 mil

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