Dark Abyssal Deadspace Ships

I was thinking of using my Gila in Dark Abyssal Deadspace becuae of the speed buff (and the AB fir Gila is slow), however looking on EvE Uni website regards that site is says “For example using a turret ship or drone boat in dark matter field (range penalty) is very bad idea as you would likely not be able to hit anything.”

So what kind of suit IS suitable for that site, I am guessing just a missile boat? I am starting with level 1 sites and will work my way up the tiers as I become more familiar.

Cerberus or sacralidge are the best options


Can confirm, Tier 2 dark is pretty scary in a gila, damage application so bad it’s too close call to get out in time. An mwd navy osprey with HAM’s can just about handle tier 1-2 darks. Cost about 200mil isk and fit with scripted MGC for damage application. Tier 3 and higher definitely look towards Cerberus or Sacrilege as mentioned.

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T3 darks can work in a Gila, but you do need a couple of application mods with range scripts.
When I farmed them, it was something like 10-13 minutes per run, provided you do bare minimum of thonking and activity (don’t stand still, drag rogues drones to the automata suppressors and\or use missiles on them, don’t even try to use med drones on frigs)
My Gila was active, of course.


No Turrets, no drones
–> only missiles left

T2 Ships are better because of the resistence bonus

With these to tipps you should be able to find a ship, that works for you.

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