Alpha Manufacturing - T1 Rigs no more?

Since when could Alphas no longer make T1 Rigs? Seems to have been nerfed? I’ve only been away for month or so but can’t find anything on this. Seems Metallurgy I & Research I are now Omega only.

I don’t make many, mostly my own use, but would nice to see the announcement/details, anyone got a link?

[EDIT: Might be a January Release bug, waiting for further information]

[EDIT2: This is def a bug, alphas can still build T1 Rigs but the BPOs/BPCs are showing Omega only]

Submit a bug report if you haven’t

@ Stalter
I had the same problem - it freaked me out as I manufactured some rigs a couple of days ago.

Then I noticed I had the Material Efficiency tab selected - switched to Manufacturing and it worked.

Hope this helps someone

Shirley DD

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QFT - I’ve done that before!

I have the same problem. Can I actually buy T1 Rigs blueprints as an alpha or not? Im confused.

There’s been more changes. It now shows additional skills ( Omega ) to use them like Meturlagy.

This is gonna kill those savvy noobs, which are the ones that stick around too. not pew pew die die bye

Not a bug, working as intended, as will become clear below.

Yes you can, matter of fact, you can buy anything as an alpha, whether you can use it or not is probably the more appropriate question.

No there hasn’t and no it doesn’t.

T1 rig BPOs can be bought from the market (as an alpha or not, doesn’t matter).

If you want to build a rig from said BPO you need to look at the manufacturing tab (screen shot from a shield BPO):


As can be seen, industry, + relevant rig skills required (nothing requiring omega).

If you want to improve the material efficiency or time efficiency of the BPO you will need to be Omega, as this requires the metallurgy or research skills, respectively:



This is why the BPO shows up as an “Omega item”, because to do ‘all things’ with the item you do need to have Omega skills.

And finally if you want to copy the BPO so you have BPCs to manufacture from you don’t need any skills!

I hope this puts an end to the confusion.



This has nothing to do with OP, but I’ve been watching you and I’d like to congratulate you on being genuinely helpful and courteous to people. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you @Cypr3ss_Deteis that really clears things up some, and obviously not a bug as working as intended but simply a UI improvement as as these were never shown before. I remember asking why I couldn’t research rigs, never got an answer and assumed it simply couldn’t be done!

I’ve been building rigs since week 1 and as an alpha would never have been able to have existed without the ability to do so.

Well, I can stop panic building now!

I 2nd the @Kace_Robins here, great post, no jargon an no snobbery!

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