Alpha Mining in a Moa?

Im wondering if its more profitable to mine in a moa then a venture for alphas

currently in my venture i mine 187m3 / min with 2x laser II, Mining Laser Upgrade II and all the skills a alpha can have.

so for venture is: 187 x 2 turrets = 374m3/min

with a moa however
5x Miner II
2x Mining Laser II
1x Co Processor II
3x Medium Processor Overclock Rig


the simulator gives me 86m3 / min per turret

so 5x 86m3/min = 430 m3

Total it cost 20 mill to build.

Let say it takes 11 ticks to fill up a venture.
11 x 374m3/min = 4114 m3
11x 430 = 4730 m3

So you would be 15% faster mining Ore in a Moa

Is this viable?

You would have to mine with a MTU and come back and collect your ore. ]
Which holds 27000 m3,

A venture holds only 5000m3,
so a 27000/5000 = 5.7 ratio,

Ammoritzed cost of travel the MOA is cheaper. you need to
Go station
come back with hauler
go station, deliver ore
come back with Moa

4 trips

So you would be 30% (5.7 - 4 = 1.7) faster delivering Ore in a Moa

Some alphas mine in Rohks because you get 8 turret slots and enough cpu to put mining upgrades.

That seems hardly worth it though.

Ive simulated a rokh, i would get 816m3 per minute, which is like 1 mill every mine+ haul.
Lets say it takes 20 minutes per mine + haul. you would get 3 mill per hour.

The ship costs 150mill +. so you would need 50 trips to pay back your ship and are screwed if you get ganked.

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Seems like you already did the math. The real question is, is it worth it to you?

image image image

Here you go :gift:

Alphas cannot use boost modules unfortunately. Making that aspect pretty worthless, the only reason they have any access to the leadership skill is a pre-req for one of the social skills.

what about gnosis (oh, i see screen shots)
or that other “gift ship, other that sunesis…” ( Praxis!!)

(…yes i know the answer)

Good job with the math.
Doing the math is the key to industry in Eve

I agree with you about BB mining. It makes no sense. You would have to battleship mine forever just to pay for the ship. Silly.

Unfortunately, the way things currently are, you can make mire ISK in high sec doing almost anything else than solo mining.

Even a max skilled exhumer pilot has a hard time out earning a level 4 mission runner if doing it solo.

If you really want to mine, find a Corp that does and make some friends.

Solo is like picking up bottles on the side of the road to recycle.

Since you have done the math already. Why do you want to mine as alpha? After all you won’t be making more than running even L2 missions in caracal…

just go to empty low sec on catalist,
kill rats on the belts,
much more isk, and they are Real Isk, not ore, which need to be hauled and sold

(just did it… parked my praxis with mining lasers and went to low secs on catalyst…)

Just stick with a Venture. The 5000mÂł orehold beats all other options. At Mining Frigate IV, you have 4.8 Mining Lasers from two lasers because of the hull bonuses. By the time you have keep moving ore into a jetcan (and forgot to a couple of times) you will have made up the difference between 4.8 vs 5.0

Miner II x 2


Mining Laser Upgrade II x 1

light combat drone x 2

It’s faster, built-in warp-stab, bigger hold and cheap to replace. Don’t even need to fill the rigs, though you can use shield resists to the local NPC damage types. The Open high slot, you have RR or probe launcher. Scan while mine.

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That .

Praxis has the biggest cargo of any BS and can almost match Venture. And it can definitely outmine it with 6 lasers and a ton of room for upgrades. It is also significantly cheaper than other BS.

Here’s a fit I used for the Crimson Harvest event mining on my alpha accounts
4.2k cargo, and vastly superior to Venture

[Praxis, Miner Beta]

Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]

Miner II
Miner II
Miner II
Miner II
Miner II
Miner II
[Empty High slot]

Large Processor Overclocking Unit I
Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Cargohold Optimization I

omg did you ever know about “jet can”, “miasmos on second account”, “MTU”?

Why not fit some tank on the medium slots just to be sure?

The Opening Post clearly says “for Alphas”. You are aware that Alphas cannot multi-box, right? MTU requires 100m³ and the Venture only has 50.

By the time you get into all of time micro-management of handling ore, outside using Venture - then you may as well be shooting NPCs. The OP would be getting a superior ISK/Hr blitzing through Level Three Security missions flying a Drake or Ferox, than mining. Then taking the ISK , and purchase minerals. (running the Sisters L3 in Simela, would be optimal).

Suggesting un-tanked mining ship or frankly any ship is recipe for a kill-mail/ship loss. Miners/Industrials are such a focus aggression. Because making is easier to be killed has led the game into a culture whereby a sub-set of the player base is seen as clay-pigeons for belligerent pilots. Instead of just min-maxing for a specific outcome, considering all factors of a ship’s purpose, especially defence is a foundation for long and successful enjoyment of the game.

Since mining and missions feel really like grind I suggest to take look at combat exploration in hisec.

This is what my 5 day old character found in few hours of exploration:

Just understand that exploration is pure RNG. One day you find 1 bil i one commander spawn, other day you find nothing all day long. But it’s fun and not so grindy. You log in do few sites as time allows.


I just hope this comment wont bring to much competition to me :wink:

Mining in cruisers and battleships was how mining was done before mining barges came along back in the old days.

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Yeah, I guess you can fit a ton of tank there. Swap one MLU for a co-processor and you got a lot of room for a solid shield buffer. More than enough for rats and a pretty good against suiciders. We were mining on an unmarked location (despawned beacon) so save for combat probes there’s no way of getting to us and suiciders are way too incompetent and lazy for that.

Don’t use an MTU to store ore, people can kill MTUs without being concorded